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Transportation and Logistics

High-performance Wireless LAN for transportation and logistics


In the arena of transportation and logistics, small improvements in areas such as package accuracy and turnaround time can net huge financial returns for your enterprise. With an intelligent and self-optimizing network, you can improve productivity, accelerate profitability and streamline operations.

Outdoor IP67 Rated, Polymeric Corrosion Resistant Enclosure

Ensure uninterrupted connectivity outside, regardless of weather conditions. Our IP67-rated access points are designed to withstand wind, rain, and extreme temperatures.

Mesh Connex™ on Both Data Radios

Lower operating costs with a completely wireless network. Patented Mesh Networking–MeshConnex™ allows you to wirelessly extend existing wired or wireless networks in remote or outdoor locations, eliminating the effort and cost of running cables to every access point outdoors. Creating a mesh network on both data radios allows for automatic failover for superior uptime and survivability in environments with dynamic RF interference.


Mobility with Vehicle Mounted Modem

Enable any vehicle, train or bus to offer secure and reliable wireless broadband at high speeds as a Vehicle Mounted Modem (VMM). Shock-mount the high-power VMM to your vehicle and experience wireless LAN up to 60mph. Provide connectivity to users in hard to reach locations and tough RF environments, such as yards, sea ports, shipping docks, airport tarmacs, surface mining, and warehouses.


A Radio That’s Ahead Of Its Time

If radar interference is at all an issue for your network, consider the AP 8163 for its patented ETSI DFS Scan Ahead technology, which enables the unit’s third radio to scan for channels that are free of any radar interference. When the 5 GHz data radio encounters radar interference the channel can be changed in milliseconds, eliminating any network outage due to radar interference.

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