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Smart Enterprise Mobility

With smart mobility, there’s no stopping you



Move from a subpar experience to a superior one

Any wireless network can offer mobility, but only Zebra’s can move you to optimal mobility. Built for dense environments and heavy throughput critical to business, our WiNG 5 operating system distributes control plane intelligence right to the edge. Such know-how mitigates interference and choke points, adjusts channels and power for real-time conditions, and transfers devices to the most efficient path. The result: voice, video and data applications run without interruption; RF coverage is self-healing and interference is sidestepped.



Sticky-free, problem-free roaming

Typically a client won’t attempt to roam until after an associated access point has degraded service. But we go beyond the basics to improve roaming. With Zebra, your device clients have the information necessary to decide on the highest throughput connections available, not just the strongest signal. So you experience a higher data rate and a higher quality of throughput.



See it to optimize mobility

Never has the demand for steadfast connectivity been so great--and so challenging--especially when IT staff are lean and locations widespread. Simplify the complex with Zebra’s WiNG OS, the powerful and feature-rich management module designed for managing Smart Mobility. With just a few clicks you can monitor, analyze, report and troubleshoot your wireless LAN & connected mobile devices to ensure peak performance.



See if your mobility measures
up to the massive,
increasing demand


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