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High-performance Wireless LAN for retail


The modern retail environment demands seamless connectivity. You need a network to handle enterprise needs like inventory control, and wireless POS with capacity to spare - while simultaneously collecting behavioral data and maximizing shopper engagement to deliver the optimal shopping experience. Our expertly configured WiNG 5 based WLAN solutions are just the right fit for the retail environment - smart, self-healing, and self-optimizing to enrich your customer’s shopping experience.


Superior Performance

With dual 802.11n and 802.11ac radios, the AP7532 and AP 7522 support all mobile devices that enter the door, from legacy 2.4 GHz devices to newer, 5 GHz consumer smartphones running multiple bandwidth-hungry applications. Optimized for micro-cell environments where RF interference and degradation of connection quality might be an issue, each access point is equipped with Adaptive RF Power to automatically detect nearby access points to adjust output as needed.

Capacity Controls

Separate your enterprise needs from shopper needs. Your intelligent, self-optimizing network can handle the lion’s share of core enterprise needs, while separately meeting the connectivity needs of a steady stream of customers — without sacrificing bandwidth for either.

Analyzing Store Data

Understand and connect with your shoppers on a deeper level. Using the intelligence built into each access point, you can map in-store customer behavior, tracking and visualizing what happens on individual days and over time to turn your store floor into analytics narratives.


Managing, securing, and protecting shopper smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices is a multidimensional decision. Zebra’s sophisticated wireless intrusion protection solutions (WIPS) ensure the monitoring and protection of your wireless LAN from malicious exploitation, whether you are a global retailer or a small store.


Aesthetic Appeal

Your wireless access points shouldn’t clash with the look of your store — in fact, they shouldn’t be noticeable at all. Our next-generation wireless access points “hide in plain sight,” blending into the environment — getting the job done without being obtrusive.

Roam Assist

Roam Assist works hand-in-hand with load balancing to monitor the number of users on any specific access point, overriding “client stickiness” and allowing clients to roam to nearby access points for better signal quality. Pre-emptive roaming can work hand-in-hand with Roam Assist to provide a mobile-phone-style fast and seamless roaming experience.

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