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Optimal Network Performance

If your Wi-Fi isn’t seizing disruptive trends it’s getting disrupted by them


Fast forward opportunities

The faster your wireless network the greater your capacity – a must for the high demands of the Internet of Things, big data and the ever-increasing volume of mobile devices. With our intelligent WiNG 5 and 802.11ac, performance is optimized and capacity maximized. And that’s just the start. Deployment is three times faster with our zero-touch installation, and troubleshooting six times quicker with our unified management that consolidates all your sites into a single view.

Source: Tolly Group, 2014


Scale with ease

Get the only architecture that supports any deployment of any scale. No need to settle for competitor’s limits of a thousand clients per site. Nor do you have to introduce the complexity of fragmented management solutions. Instead, our WiNG operating system can accommodate, from one to 25,000 access points on a single virtual controller– making us four times more scalable. What’s more, it enables you to manage it all remotely from a unified platform, tipping the scales in your favor with greater simplicity and cost-savings.



Secure your future

Dramatically increase security by extending protection right to the edge of your network. With Zebra’s intelligent wireless network, every access point becomes a part of your firewall, stopping threats before they enter your network. And as your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative increases, so too will your data security and savings, because you can extend firewall policy enforcement without extending expenditures.



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