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High-performance Wireless LAN for manufacturing


With a fluid set of communications challenges and many moving parts spread out across your plant floor and warehouses, your industrial environment presents a unique set of requirements. You need WLAN solutions that ensure persistent uninterrupted mobile connectivity for workers, vehicles, and equipment while extending connectivity outside the plant to the transportation yard and interconnected buildings. Our self-optimizing industrial WLAN solutions boast automated and streamlined processes to support secure data, voice and video and allows your workers to coordinate workforce activities and communicate, uninterrupted and in real-time, for better risk management and productivity.

Seamless Roaming in a Chaotic Environment

WiNG 5-enabled wireless networks can be extended with seamless roaming from office to floor to warehouse yard - creating a persistent wireless connection throughout your plant and storage facilities and allowing workers to be productive anywhere in the manufacturing plant.

Smart RF – Wireless instability hampers operations – dead spots and poor signal coverage, dropped or no connections

Minimize operating expenses by letting your network do the thinking. With self-monitoring Smart RF, your network dynamically senses and adjusts to weak or failing signals, securely moves mobile users to alternate access points (APs), and boosts signal power to automatically fill RF holes and ensure uninterrupted mobile user access. Adjustments are completely transparent, without impact on voice calls and data sessions in progress.


Voice Optimization

Efficient operations and flawless fulfillment requires clear, uninterrupted voice communication. With voice optimization, no matter what the networking needs are within your facility, you can count on our systems to deliver rich quality voice without latency issues.


Harsh Outdoor Environment Protection

From freezers, to loading docks, to warehouse floors, to dusty and dirty trucking yards, our ruggedized access points can handle the harshest environments. Our outdoor-rated IP67 die cast aluminum enclosure access points offers a rugged housing built to handle anything from rain, snow and hurricane-force winds to sub-zero temperatures for industrial applications.

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