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Impactful Customer Engagement

Real-time visibility leads to real-time engagement


The new rules of impactful customer engagement

When a shopper, guest or diner enters your establishment, you want to deliver the kind of service that will earn loyalty and repeat visits. And with MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing, you can. Using our unique locationing technology, you can automatically provide every customer who walks in your door the most customized and personalized experience possible, every single time.


Two location–based technologies in one

MPact is the only indoor locationing platform to unify Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Smart technology, improving locationing accuracy, while allowing you to connect to the most possible customers and capture more analytics and insight. Service is re-defined through impactful interactions with customers via the one device they almost always have in hand – their mobile phone. The result? Instant visibility into where customers are in your facility – and the ability to automatically take the best action to best serve each customer at any time during their visit.



Give them secure access

There are now more mobile devices on earth than people. Anywhere, anytime connectivity is the new norm. But how do you give your workers, shoppers or hotel guests open access to Wi-Fi without opening your business to security threats? Zebra’s Secure Access is the answer. Guests enjoy the ease of logging on with their social media credentials, and you gain the peace of mind that their access is authenticated and your network and their data is secured.



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