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High-performance Wireless LAN for hospitality


Connect with your guests and empower your staff like never before. Provide the high-speed wireless connectivity guests expect and your staff needs to provide superior service. Based on the WiNG 5 operating system, our hardware and software is unmatched, working together to create an immersive experience with services and applications tailored to the needs and preferences of staff and guests. With AP 7532 and AP 7522 in the conference rooms and common areas, AP 7502 in the guest rooms, and the AP 7562 in the outdoor pool decks and lounge areas – the wireless guest experience will be seamless, reducing IT support calls and increasing customer loyalty.


Complete Network Visibility

Gain unparalleled insight into your wireless LAN network’s usage patterns to optimize and plan network expansion. Zebra is redefining the way networks are managed by providing administrators with the ability to visualize the network at every level, spanning all sites, devices and even user level insights including visibility into applications being used.

Location-Based Services and Analytics

Engage and better understand your guests, wherever they are. For location-based services, our ADSP platform provides a request-response API and a data streaming API, allowing guests with integration into loyalty program applications the ability to access a map on their mobile devices to navigate the property. Also, with more accurate locationing, your hotel can better understand how guests enter, exit, and move about the property, as well as push offers for products and services based on their location and preferences.


Increase guest safety and predict threats with best in-class threat vector detection, security forensics, analytics and WLAN PCI compliance. Guests can be rest assured their information is protected.


Accommodating Guest Access Throughout the Property

Fast, easy and secure guest access. Internet access is among the highest desired amenities for guests. Accommodate visitor’s bandwidth needs everywhere from hallways prone to poor connectivity to areas of fluctuating, high-density need like conference rooms and public areas with the AP7532 access point — designed to deliver maximum 802.11ac speed at an affordable price point

Rapid Installation

Installing wall-mounted access points is a snap—literally. Just mount the wall bracket and snap the AP 7502 access point into place accordingly, and with 802.3af/at PoE support, the time and expense of running expensive cabling to each access point are completely eliminated. Combine this with its zero touch provisioning, and the AP 7502 can be installed in just 90 seconds—no hands-on required.

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