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Guest Access Solution

Making guest access easy and secure for your customers


Guests expect wireless LAN access when they enter your store - granting it is one of the fastest ways to not only engage them, but also enhance their in-store experience.

Seventy-five percent of customers report they rely on smartphones and other wireless devices to learn more about products, read reviews, or even compare prices. Retailers understand this trend and the majority of retail executives say developing a more engaging in-store customer experience is going to be business-critical over the next five years.

The key is to deliver a seamless guest access experience for the customer, yet not overwhelm the network or impact security – all while maintaining regulatory responsibilities. Retailers need to grant guest access easily and quickly without requiring a complex authentication routine. The network needs to support all different device types and operating systems without burdening the retailer’s IT staff.


Features and benefits:

Guest access made easy

  • Guest Access automates the authorization process for guests on your wireless LAN. Guests can sign in via their social media accounts or use a custom mobile application for a simple self-serve, one-time process.
  • The intuitive system recognizes a registered shopper on his return visit so he can automatically authenticate.
  • Passpoint 2.0 allows for easy onboarding of devices using carrier credentials for authentication on the Guest wireless LAN.
  • Flexible guest registration options (email address or mobile phone number) allow retailers to provide credentials to guests via email and SMS using integrated gateway functionalities built into Zebra’s Guest Access solution.


A secure wireless lan for guest access

  • Zebra Guest Access provides end-to-end protection against eavesdropping, rogue AP broadcasts, and other typical vulnerabilities.
  • Guest Access uses infrastructure-based authentication, which doesn’t require an in-store dedicated firewall. Each device is identified and “fingerprinted” and its user is provisioned with the appropriate access, allowing for network monitoring. Administrators can see guest activity on the network and also obtain data on guest location in the store so marketers can optimize the guest experience.
  • Your networks won’t be overloaded by guest access because the Zebra Guest Access solution is managed at the edge of your network. Zebra’s integrated Content Filtering solutions prevents access to blacklisted websites or content categories based on your content policy.


Getting to know shopper behavior

  • When combined with Zebra’s WiNG OS analytics, Zebra Guest Access monitors and meters the traffic on your guest network and captures a wealth of information about who is shopping, which shopper is new to your network (or a repeat visitor), and delivers data on user device type.
  • Zebra’s MPACT solution rounds out the Guest Wi-Fi analytics suite by providing presence, zone, and proximity detection which opens doors to location-based services such as navigation, customized engagement, and big data analytics. This solution features easy-to-use reporting capabilities to gain insights into your individual store or across your entire chain.

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