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BYOD Solution

Is your BYOD policy backed up by a strong network?


The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture is prevalent at your workplace as employees, vendors, contractors, and guests carry personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops in hand. Your IT department is under a great deal of pressure to provide access to a wide variety of devices and operating systems. IT needs to determine not only which user gets access to corporate information, but also provide access for employees on campus or overseas. Most importantly, IT needs to constantly maintain security on all these devices.

A secure BYOD strategy considers user access rights from the first connection, as well as role-based access control (includes user identification to assign appropriate network access on each device). Access control must also account for a single user who may carry several devices, often with a different level of corporate access on each device.

When implemented correctly, your BYOD policy improves productivity and reduces capital expenditures and inventory.


Features and benefits:


Creating a secure network for all devices

  • The Zebra Technologies Secure Access solution pulls from the latest available technologies to protect corporate data on personal devices.
  • The most advanced authentication protocols prevent unauthorized users and devices from connecting to the network.
  • Network security helps you safeguard against devices containing malware.
  • Network intelligence controls information which can be accessed by BYOD devices.
  • With Zebra, you can provide proper enforcement of compliance requirements while provisioning a wide spectrum of unmanaged devices.


Seamless guest access

  • Zebra Technologies Secure Access solution uses Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 Enterprise (WPA2-Enterprise) which offers a secure, single point of entry to the enterprise for all devices not registered to the corporate domain.
  • Built on Extensible Authentication Protocol Transport Layer Security (EAP-TLS), the Secure Access solution extends standards-based wireless security to personal devices in an automated service manner without the need for active IT intervention.
  • An optional onboard Certificate Authority allows users to use their social media credentials for network access.


Welcome tools for network administrators

  • Zebra’s Secure Access solution means enterprises can implement a simple, elegant solution (either cloud-based or on-premises) which simplifies onboarding for new users and devices.
  • The highly flexible workflow engine gives network administrators control by blending the best of traditional policies like Active Directory or Microsoft CA integration with powerful new policy capabilities including authentication via external sources such as Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.
  • The system supports the broadest range of operating systems and devices including iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu.
  • This system is flexible and offers interoperability with third-party Network Admission Control (NAC) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

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