Looking for a Career Change? Do you want your experience recognised? Are you tired of your application being void due to a lack of a relevant qualification?

If you answered yes to any of the three questions above the VisionID Academy might be the place for you. At VisionID we look at the entire package from qualifications to work experience as well as personal drive and ambition.

Due to the success of our previous open days, the VisionID Academy will no longer be taking applications for IT, administration and operations roles. The VisionID Academy can still offer career development and training opportunities in Sales in areas such as Business Development, Internal Sales and Account Management,  with the opportunity to progress into full-time roles in VisionID.

At VisionID, our mission is to optimise businesses operational efficiency and productivity by connecting our client’s physical and digital operations. We provide our clients with complete visibility of their critical assets and information. We achieve this by continuously innovating, driving disruptive solutions, and investing in our high calibre dedicated team.

On average, digital transformation has made the equivalent of seven years of progress in a matter of months. In line with these trends VisionID has been doing extensive work on developing our portfolio so we can support our customers through this change. As a result of adding to our portfolio VisionID have launched our very own VisionID academy.

In 2019 VisionID were proudly named the winners of the award for Best Employer for Training, Development and Well Being, at the Tipperary Business Awards. Training and Development has always been at the core of VisionID’s ethos and so all the team are looking forward to welcoming prospects to the academy late in summer 2021.

If you are interested in joining the VisionID Academy, please send a copy of your CV to recruitment@visionid.ie

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