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Boost business with One Store: Mobility

Mobile technology is transforming the way we live – and shop.

In-store mobility solutions are helping retailers to operate more efficiently and serve customers more effectively. With mobile access to real time stock, pricing and product information, staff can easily track and manage inventory throughout the supply chain – from the warehouse, distribution centre, stores and even in transit.

Moreover, today’s consumers expect their shopping experience to be seamless, consistent and personalised across all channels, whether they’re in-store, online or on mobile. And going further, 64% of shoppers want their experience improved through technology.

Innovative technology is the enabler. With the right solutions, you can give your customers on-demand visibility of product information, prices, locations and shipping. Plus staff can gain the ability to see and use the latest information throughout the business.

To take full advantage of Mobility you need to consider four areas:

  • Customer engagement
  • Merchandising and inventory management
  • Staff communications and management
  • Customer flow


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Customer engagement

THE CHALLENGE: Connect with shoppers, create memorable experiences and build relationships.

THE SOLUTION: Mobile and desktop printers, enterprise grade mobile devices, wireless infrastructure, RFID and interactive kiosks.

THE RESULT: Higher sales and up-selling, using mobile access to live inventory information, value-add services such as ‘deliver to home if out of stock’, click and collect and personalisation based on shopping history and buying habits.


Merchandising and inventory management

THE CHALLENGE: Track and manage inventory across the supply chain more accurately and avoid out-of-stock lost sales.

THE SOLUTION: Mobile and desktop printers, enterprise grade mobile devices, wearable devices with voice picking, wireless infrastructure, RFID asset management and Electronic Shelf Labels.

THE RESULT: More sales and greater efficiency, using mobile devices to see item stock levels and locations. Costs fall as you can reduce shrinkage and quickly reconcile inventory (deliveries or returns) for sales, plus pricing is much easier to manage.


Staff communications and management

THE CHALLENGE: Coordinate activity and connect staff, to improve customer response times and sales.

THE SOLUTION: Mobile devices, wearable devices, wireless infrastructure, Workforce Connect.

THE RESULT: Faster response times as staff use mobile devices to receive management information, complete tasks and communicate (replacing disruptive overhead paging).


Customer flow

THE CHALLENGE: Manage customer throughput, to avoid abandoned purchasing and brand damage.

THE SOLUTION: Mobile and desktop printers, enterprise grade mobile devices, wireless infrastructure, interactive kiosks, hand-held, EPOS and bioptic scanners.

THE RESULT: Lanes flow faster with improvements to checkouts, personal shopping solutions and mobile POS. 1D and 2D barcodes can be captured in any condition, on paper, plastic or screens. You can offer customers mobile payment options and staff can use mobile devices to queue-bust.


Mobility Matters

Mobility Matters

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What makes Technology Key to One Store?

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Retail Connected

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See How Retail Communication Works

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