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Customer Delight With One Store: Delivery

At the end of the omni-channel shopping experience, and the digital supply chain, is the moment when customers take delivery of their purchases. This is still the moment where the whole retail experience can succeed or fail.

Now, every store must be a convenience store, even if it's online. Customers will choose where to shop on the basis of the speed and convenience of the delivery service offered.

Click-and-collect to stores or lockers, same-day delivery, track-and-trace: they are all part of the personalised service experience today's retail customers have come to expect, no matter when or how they shop.

Retail logistics technologies are enabling retailers to create consistent delivery experiences, online and in the real world. It begins with the back-end systems – inventory, customer data, and the infrastructure in warehouses – and extends to the shop floor, ecommerce sites and the devices carried by delivery staff, including third-party couriers.

For most retailers, the biggest challenge in achieving consistent and rewarding delivery experiences lies in bringing together the diverse elements of their back-end systems.

Customer-facing processes such as in-store collection, click-and-collect from the village grocery store and same-day delivery are all reliant on clear visibility across the entire infrastructure.

Zebra Technologies can provide end-to-end solutions that put in place everything needed for a delivery service that delights customers, encourages repeat purchases and enhances the brand.


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One Store Delivery

See how an online grocery store uses smart technologies to help a customer find and buy the right products, efficiently process her order in the fulfilment centre and offer her a convenient delivery service built around her schedule.

Supply Chain Logistics

THE CHALLENGE: Customers demand multiple delivery options and easy returns procedures. You need a single view of your inventory to meet expectations at every point of contact.

THE SOLUTION: Mobile and desktop printers for instant labelling, mobile and wearable devices for staff in-store or on the road, RFID, wireless infrastructure in-store and behind the scenes.

THE RESULT: Stock rooms, warehouses, distribution centres, returns centres and even delivery vehicles all become part of a unified, efficient delivery system. Everyone can have total visibility of stock across the entire estate, even from handheld devices on the shop floor – no need to abandon customers while staff check availability. Automated inventory management reduces errors in order fulfilment and keeps shelves replenished. And customers get the outstanding delivery experiences they have come to expect.


THE CHALLENGE: Customers want to take control as soon as they've purchased, with delivery to the location of their choice at a time that suits them. They want to track their orders at every step – and they want return processes that are just as easy.

THE SOLUTION: Mobile and wearable devices in-store and for delivery teams, RFID to help ensure availability of stock, and the integrated, simplified infrastructure needed to make it all work together.

THE RESULT: A great customer experience in-store or online. Shop floor teams can be notified as a customer arrives, and can greet them personally, with their order all ready for collection. End-to-end visibility allows immediate traceability, and delivery wherever and whenever the customer wants it. Delivery teams can have the same visibility and provide the same kind of customer service as the staff in-store – even taking returns, or inviting customers to open and check their packages before they leave. Fashion retailers could deliver optional sizes, inviting customers to try things on and take the right-size item before the driver departs. Returns can also be handled by click-and-collect stores and lockers.

Click And Collect

THE CHALLENGE: Customers want options and convenience when they shop and to know that there item is in stock. Customers today might not want to wait for home delivery, as it can run the risk of delays or not having anyone at home to receive and sign for delivery.

SOLUTION: Click and collect software systems integrated online and in stores along with mobile computers for on the shop floor and in the warehouse.

THE RESULT: It will bring more foot fall into the store as the customer will be coming in store to collect their purchases, which would encourage them to make more purchases when in store.


Delivering Convenience


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Retail Experience built around shoppers


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