At the heart of digital transformation and the factory of the future will be data. SureTrackID Asset Tracking and Visibility will provide organisations with access to real time visibility of critical assets and data, optimising opartions and decision making.

SureTrackID use UWB, RFID, GPS and BLEA AOE to to optimise all asset management activities in your facility.

SureTrackID use Cases

  • High Value Asset Management – The tracking, management and utilisation of anything tangible that is owned by a company, typically of high value.
  • Supply Chain Management – The management of business processes related to the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of a products and services. This includes, Work in Progress, Assembly and finished goods inventory and warehouse management.
  • Workflow Optimization – Used mainly within manufacturing, and maximising the efficiency of the workflow of a business
  • Safety and Security – The management, assurance and compliance of safety and security for an enterprise, its employees, products and processes. Common applications include worker safety, evacuation and emergency mustering.
  • Document Tracking – Reduce employee time spent managing documents by tracking the usage and availibility of all records, facilitating inventory and loss prevention.
  • Sample Tracking- A successful sample tracking system will provide relevant personnel at any point in time with information on samples whereabouts, to whom it belongs, stage of testing.
  • Digital Contact Tracing- SureTraceID, a subset of SureTrackID, is an automated contact tracing and social distancing solution based on UWB tehcnology.

SureTrackID Technologies: 

  Tracking Sensing Area


Point in Time










UHF RFID 25m 1-25m
UWB 1500m 10cm
GPS 1500m+ 3-5m
BLE WiFi 15m 3-5m
BLE AOA 15m 10cm
BLE Passive 10m 1-10m

Why Ultra Wide Band?

  • UWB enables real time accurate readings as close as 10–20 cm
  • Bluetooth however may be as accurate as 1–2 meters, suitable in some applications but not as accurate as UWB
  • Ultra Wideband has a very wide spectrum or frequency (typically 500MHz) compared to BLE (2MHz)
  • UWB measures time it takes signal to travel – the higher frequency enables such accuracy
  • Superior performance in multipath 
  • The ability to penetrate obstacles



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