Retail Staff Communication


In the retail industry, the effectiveness of your internal communications systems is always directly reflected in the experiences of your customers.

Adopting new communications technologies amongst your staff helps to create a seamless customer experience that is simplified and informative and it also optimises all business operations.

Our wireless infrastructure solutions are designed to keep your staff connected at all times by connecting mobile devices across your sites, enabling staff to access, capture and share data on the go.; Senior management can send and receive tasks, while warehouse staff and shop floor assistants can make stock enquiries which can be communicated back to higher-ups.

With handheld computers such as the Zebra MC2100 in the store and wearable devices in the warehouse, your entire team can share information for better decision making and to respond to changing conditions and priorities.


Increasing product awareness in your store

Effective, real-time communication between your employees is essential on the front line of your business. Retail staff in your store are the first point of contact for all customer queries and other interactions, meaning immediate access to the information they need will enhance your customers’ experience and their perception of your brand.

Handheld computers like the Zebra TC75 provide instant communication for your sales associates in store with all areas of your company; keeping them connected to both management and the warehouse department at all times.

On the shop floor, your employees must make the most of every opportunity to engage with customers. Having the ability to find accurate answers to customer queries instantly, locate all necessary product information at the touch of a button, and even make sales will greatly improve the level of customer service within your store.

These devices can also be synchronised with your store’s inventory system. Frequently updated by your warehouse employees, this allows staff to know exactly what is in the stockroom without needing to leave the shop floor meaning they can focus solely on interacting with the customer.

Devices like these mean that sales representatives and warehouse staff can share information in real time, streamlining response times immensely. If a particular item is running low in store, sales staff in store can use their handheld devices to send an instant notification to the warehouse to restock the shelves.

If a customer were to ask about a product not currently in store, your employees could simply check if it is in stock in a neighbouring store, or even order it there and then, on the spot.

This helps to create the effortless customer experience of shopping online whilst in store.

Hassle free communication solutions allow your retail staff to be more engaged with customers, remaining well informed of product information and processes within the business. It also works to increase overall productivity, as employees free up valuable time.


Improving productivity in your warehouses

Push to talk wearable devices like the Zebra WT6000 give your warehouse staff the opportunity to benefit from effective communication with other workers and management, all without compromising productivity. These gadgets allow for hands-free voice communication over a Wi-Fi network, keeping everyone connected no matter what the size of your warehouse operations.

Wearables are quickly becoming one of the most cutting-edge options for technology within businesses, particularly in retail warehouses. Just as the smartphone has made desktop computers obsolete, many believe this is the future of wearable tech.

Through these connected headsets, these devices give workers optimum directions for picking and placing items and mean they are able to report their actions using their voices; meaning no time is wasted.

Management staff can update warehouse workers of order deliveries and updates as they occur, speaking directly to all relevant staff, helping to reduce miscommunication and misunderstanding of instructions.

All queries and requests can be made at the touch of a button. This two-way communication solution helps to improve both performance and operational efficiency, as employees can keep up to date on tasks and developments wherever they may be.

This technology also gives your warehouse workers a greater insight into your shop floor, allowing for instant response to restocking needs and products in popular demand.

Many warehouses wearables can be connected to your management systems; such as smart sensors to locate particular products. They can also provide instant information at your fingertips, allowing your staff to receive and update tasks as they are completed, such as receiving, stocking, sorting and shipping items.


A clear and effective line of communication for management staff

Staff communication solutions from Vision ID help you to create an open channel of communication between managers within your store, warehouses, and head office.

Simplifying the management of processes from the warehouse to your store, implementing communications technologies between staff increases productivity and the quality of your customer service.

By linking handheld and wearable technologies between staff, management staff can effectively set and update tasks for employees, view shift details, and even notify people of when to take their breaks. Instant communication allows everyone to keep up to date with any new developments and events within your business; engaging employees as much as possible.


Why use VisionID for your staff communication needs?

Establishing effective communication between all areas of your business results in quicker response times, creates deeper understanding of products and processes for your employees, and creates a seamless experience for your customers.

At Vision ID, we will work to develop a bespoke internal communication solution for your retail store and warehouses. We can implement Wi-Fi enabled technologies that will optimise your business processes and help you to deliver a consistent and effortless customer service at every opportunity.

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