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The store of the future is an omni-channel customer experience which fits around the needs and lifestyle of the consumer. 

It’s a consistent shopping experience whose end outcomes are increased sales for the retailer and customer satisfaction.

VisionID works with dozens of retailers large and small, enabling them to leverage the power of new technology that not only provides a world-class buying experience for your customer but rewards them for their loyalty and extends the relationship between retailer and client beyond the doors of the shop floor.






New technology available at VisionID

Electronic shelf labels

Electronic shelf labels not only offer visibility of stock & pricing to consumers, they offer flexibility for retailers through dynamic pricing models, much like that employed by the airlines. To encourage your clients to come in at quieter day parts, entice them in with a time-limited reduction in prices to boost trade (think Two for Tuesday from Domino’s Pizza, now their second busiest night). 

Dynamic pricing with electronic shelf labels from DisplayData not only helps to increase sales, knowledge of these special sales events adds to the customer experience and helps buyers make informed purchasing decisions. Electronic shelf labels, at the touch of a button, can change across the store, saving staff and management the laborious tasks of printing special promotional price labels, affixing them to the correct aisle or store part, and removing them later.


Since the development of smart mobile devices back in 2007 and the growth in the popularity of tablets since 2010, consumers have become increasingly used to using apps to help them live their life the way they want. 

A customer’s expectation of the retail sector is just as high – and VisionID can help you match these expectations with sophisticated and integrations apps for self check-out kiosks, price checking, digital gifts and more. Zebra’s MK500 Customer Service Terminal scans customers’ items as they shop helping to speed up bag packing and check out.

Click and collect

Click and Collect is a service valued by customers but also by retailers as it is less expensive to fulfil that door-to-door multi-drop deliveries. Integrate in-store with back office fulfilment with VisionID’s platform with functionality including order location, guest recognition, and efficient and effective returns management.


In addition to contactless technology, payment via mobile phone has arrived. Allow your customers to pay the way they want with our range of fixed point of sale and mobile terminals, which includes the multi-purpose ELO 22C2 Touchcomputer, designed to be configured exactly to your needs.

Staff enablement

Instead of staff leaving a customer to stand around for minutes while they try to find something from the store room for them when it may not even be in stock, empowered & knowledgeable staff can now have the latest information on what’s available in store with the Zebra MC3300, an Vinstant communication tool linked to your inventory management system. Staying with the customer at all times amplifies the feeling of their business being valued and certainly will reduce lost sales.

Gift and loyalty solutions – customer retention and loyalty

Introduced in the mid-1990s, the power of the gift card, the loyalty card and the rewards program has been proven time and time again by retailers, large and small, online and in the real world as customer visit more often, they spend greater amounts per trip, and they’re more likely to take advantage of linked up-sell opportunities. 

Customise your gift cards with CardFive design software from Number Five and offer clients real-time checking of their accumulated loyalty points. Personalise the experience further with company-designed, print-on-demand gift and loyalty cards that they can use the same day, printed by the Zebra ZC10L Large-Format Card & Badge Printer.

Personal shopping solution

True customer empowerment should be the desired endpoint for all retailers as it lets the people who have a relationship with your business to shape it closer and closer to their needs. The MPact system we install increases retailer revenue, lowers costs, offers immediate up-sell opportunities, and provides better service to customers.


Enhancing the retail customer experience

More than ever, retail will benefit from offering customers outstanding value for money combined with the widest range of products based upon the buying profiles of their customers. What’s changed in the last 20 years is the growth of online shopping and the Amazon effect.

No matter the warmth of many towards internet shopping as a channel, nothing is more valued by a consumer by the feeling that a company is interested in them, their staff want to help them, and that their loyalty will be rewarded. They want a seamless experience more and more fashioned to their lifestyle and time constraints. They want to receive the best offers based upon their loyalty to you.

Where retail can beat online is on the personal. Prior to this point, competing via data analysis was something that retailers were at a disadvantage against online. By working with VisionID, you can now combine the personal with the data to secure your retail business a competitive advantage.

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