Connecting with Shoppers

Connecting with Shoppers

Implement solutions in store to enhance customer engagement and improve their experience

Personalised and interactive platforms for shoppers to engage with can greatly improve the buying process and in-store experiences. Customers can have access to product reviews, brochures, inventory levels and price comparisons. Allow them to scan and pack as they go throughout the store with the Personal Shopping Solution over a secure guest wireless network.

With our customer engagement solutions, retailers can:

  • Locate, engage and activate shoppers in aisle and in real time
  • Influence buying decisions
  • Deliver customised offers
  • Provide personal assistance
  • Welcome customers as they enter

Personal Shopper Solution (PSS)

PSS devices are designed for stores with high traffic and limited resources – to provide shoppers with more control over what they spend, how they shop and how they check out. Today’s tech-savvy shoppers demand contextually aware  engagement while in store, and Personal Shopping Solutions (PSS) are key to help shape a new and more interactive shopping experience.

Personal Shopping Solutions can be used in combination with a number of in store solutions like guest Wi-Fi, location services and connected staff to provide a real-time window into shoppers buying behaviour. Creating a unique shopping experience tailored to each shopper’s needs.

MPact – a mobile marketing platform

Transform the shopping experience through location services for your customers. The MPact solution is a platform for in store mobile marketing. With MPact, you can engage with customers as they enter your store. Acquire real-time information on the location of your customers and push personalised offers to customer devices which incentivise customers to spend more on each visit.

Guest WiFi network

Guest WiFi allows retailer to welcome customers and capture their attention through personalised offers pushed to their mobile devices. Providing an in store secure wireless guest network enables the capture of shopper data through locationing and buying trends.

Secure wireless networks play a dual role in retail. Consumer guest networks enable shoppers access to product information and pricing. Staff devices can stay connected to mission critical information for tasks, customer engagement and also use network analytics for more effective future planning of offers and resources.



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