Retail Asset Management


Retail asset management allows your business to know exactly which assets you own, who has a particular asset, where it currently is and it’s status.

Using a combination of state-of-the-art software, barcode scanners and barcode labels, and the latest in mobile technology, VisionID’s retail asset management and tracking solution service means that you will know, for every company item tracked:

  • when it came into service,
  • its performance
  • where it is and where it has been,
  • who has it and who had it, and
  • when it was taken out of service.

To track assets, maintain assets, check asset performance, and to know the location of assets, you can work with VisionID to build a bespoke retail asset management and tracking solution for your retail business.


Retail asset tracking & management in your business – how it works

Using mobile technology as well as software written to suit the needs of your business that checks assets regularly,

Keeps track of assets both within your store and between your sites

With less advanced asset tracking systems, you would just get a record of where an asset has been checked in or out. With VisionID’s systems, you can monitor everything that happens to them in between transfers. The software keeps a full record of each asset’s history, and can be used within a single store, or to locate assets moving between your sites.

Complete asset audit trails

For each asset being tracked, the software keeps a full-service record including dates and actions for both maintenance and inspection

Uses QR codes, barcodes, and RFID tags

Each asset being tracked can be tagged with a QR code, a barcode, or an RFID technology tag. Colleagues throughout the company only need to scan an asset to discover its internal company identifications information and view required information on the device.

Check forthcoming availability

You can track an asset to find out when it will be coming back into general circulation in the business for others to use. For example, if an asset is currently away from head office, VisionID’s system allows it current user to signal the date and time of its return on the software


Retail asset tracking & management in your business – features

VisionID’s retail asset tracking and management solution tracks:

  • IT equipment (including laptops, tablets, and smartphones) and accessories
  • Company hardware and machinery
  • Company fixtures, fittings, and installations
  • Internal mail (employment records, financial records, legal documents, and so on)
  • Employee movement
  • Office equipment and furniture
  • PAT testing
  • Audio visual and media devices
  • Heavy equipment and moving equipment

Asset tracking and management in a retail setting allows all of the company’s possessions to be used to full potential and has been shown in many organisations to reduce operational costs from stolen or misplaced assets.

Every business can claim depreciation against its assets in order to reduce its level of corporation tax. With traditional accounting and asset tracking methods, this was a complicated area open to challenge by national taxation authorities.

Vision ID’s retail asset tracking and management system logs how much an asset was purchased for and detailed maintenance activities planned and carried out on each asset. Your accounting and finance team will have more information than ever before so that your business can successfully claim maximum depreciation and asset-specific associated expenses to claim the highest allowance possible.


Retail asset tracking & management in your business – IT asset tracking

With the retail space, the use of computing technology has changed beyond all recognition. Asset tracking and management, rather than being a paper and pen led exercise performed once a quarter, is now performed by mobile handheld computers forming part of an electronically-based assets management system.


Retail asset tracking & management in your business – how Vision ID helps

In addition to the software and planning of your system, as part of its design and support package, VisionID provides you with:

RFID tags

We can provide with you both active and passive RFID tags and labels. If needed for manual scanning, the tags can also include a barcode for use with your mobile handheld scanners. Recommended product: Zebra R110Xi4 RFID Printer

QR codes

Much more information can be stored on a QR code than on a barcode. VisionID can provide you with a full retail assets management system based upon tracking via a QR code ensuring that any additional fields you wish to record are built into the accompanying software. Recommended product: Zebra GK420T Desktop Barcode label printer


Different business work in different environments and we can provide barcode labels (for example in aluminium, polyester, or vinyl) designed for your environment. Customisation and personalisation options are available with our barcodes include the ability to add a logo or additional type. Recommended product: Zebra ZT510 Industrial Barcode Printer

Mobile devices

VisionID stocks a wide range of handheld computers and barcode scanners for use with the asset tracking and management software we install at your company. Users can see the data on a tagged or barcoded asset on screen and make the necessary amendments to the asset’s record from the handset.
Recommended product: Zebra MC3300 Mobile Computer

To find out more about retail asset management and retail asset tracking, please send us a message or call +353 (0)52 618 1858.

What our clients have to say

“The MRPI Supply Chain IT team, VisionID and Zebra have delivered a mobile computing platform that is enhancing fleet efficiency, cutting administration, improving customer service, and significantly reducing costs. And with the service and support contract provided by VisionID we have a clear view of the cost of our device estate over its life cycle. Colleagues elsewhere in our business in Great Britain are evaluating the technology which underlines the significant degree of satisfaction that we have in the platform. “ - Stephen Bennett, Supply Chain Systems Manager, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland

Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland

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