Technology drives innovation in retail. For many retailers, it seems like most of the data-driven innovation has been confined to internet-only stores. VisionID brings you a range of instore and online solutions which allows your retail outlets to compete both on price and on customer experience.

Use the technology in-store to enhance customer interaction, develop brand loyalty, reduce lost sales, and increase sales. Develop customer service above and beyond online competitors with push-to-talk wearable devices, tablets, and mobile computers so that your store staff can stay with the customer when they’re asking questions or for advice on a product they want. No longer will in-store staff have to go to the stock room or warehouse at the back, leaving the customer on their own, to perform manual stock checks to see if the customer’s desired product is available for sale there and then.

Create a personalised shopping experience with:

  • beacon technology to send customer-specific offers direct to smartphones when a customer is in a certain part of your store,
  • dynamic pricing using electronic shelf edge labelling means you can change prices instantly in store (proven to push profit margins higher and waste lower)
  • marketing software which understands your customers and their buying habits on both an individual and group level

Customers now expect you to conform to their expectations and timetables and VisionID can help you deliver on this new paradigm with delivery, fulfilment, and click and collect solutions.

That’s the customer taken care of. Behind the scenes, you can optimise operational efficiency with real time stock information and inventory control. Only stock what you need to stock when you need to stock it and use our systems to place predictive orders based on individual in-store SKU sales data.

Know what’s in your store rooms and warehouses with RFID and barcode technology using the latest hardware and software products. VisionID offers your retail outlet supply chain optimisation, enterprise mobility, and more.



Retail Supply Chain Management

Gain complete visibility of your stock throughout the supply chain and enable your retail associates to access real time stock information from the shop floor.

Store Operations

Increase productivity by arming your associates and warehouse staff with the latest in rugged, mobility technology so they can capture, access and share vital information while on the move.

Retail Asset Management

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Retail Staff Communication

Adopting new communications technologies amongst your staff helps to create a seamless customer experience that is simplified and informative and it a...

Customer Engagement

Provide an enhanced shopping experience to your customers, in order to increase sales, decrease time spent in the store, and encourage them to spend m...

Customer experience

VisionID works with dozens of retailers large and small, enabling them to leverage the power of new technology that not only provides a world-class bu...

What our clients have to say

“We are delighted to have chosen VisionID and CORE Integrated Business Solutions to support our agri operations moving forward” - Catherine McGovern, IT Manager in Dairygold


“What this emulation means is that Woodies and VisionID have bridged the gap between the old technology and the new. We have the hardware in place now, meaning we can take our time in terms of evaluating new software functionality. It future proofs us." - Gavin Lambkin, IT Director for Woodies Ireland 

Woodies Ireland

“VisionID provided us with an in-store enterprise mobility solution, which equipped our staff with rugged handheld devices. From using these devices we have improved many of our internal processes, from warehouse operations to customer deliveries they always go above and beyond to help. Great customer service." - Dariusz Tokarski, IT Manager in D.I.D. Electrical 

D.I.D. Electrical

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