Quality and Safety


The Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Manufacturing industries are highly regulated and manufacturers need to ensure they are compliant. Our solutions can help meet compliance through quality assurance and plant safety. You can also track and trace materials throughout the manufacturing process.

With these solutions, manufacturers can:

  • Ensure product quality
  • Automatically detect manufacturing flaws
  • Use mobile devices in unstable environments
  • Implement traceability across the manufacturing process
  • Reduce human error


Intrinsically Safe

Depending on your facility you may require intrinsically safe devices. These are devices specially adapted and certified as safe for use in unstable environments. We offer a wide range of solutions for various types of plants to ensure safety is met at all times.

VisionID supply devices certified for use in various types of environments such as Zones 0, 1 and 2. Many of our devices also feature “Man-Down” alerts for lone-workers. Ensuring a safe and stable work environment is paramount for manufacturers. Comply with safety regulations through ATEX Intrinsically safe devices.


Vision Systems

Vision Systems enable your production line quality assurance to become entirely automated. Manual visual inspection is a thing of the past – high powered cameras and state of the art software read data such as production date, batch number and dispatch information. This solution allows your supply chain to move smoother and faster to get your products out the door.

Cameras can detect the tiniest of flaws, ensuring each product or component is of the highest quality. Using an automated system eliminates the chance of human error and safe guards the production process. Trace assets along the production line with our vision system solution. Track work-in-progress statuses and comply with industry standards for traceability from production to final pack and shipping for high-value assets.


UDI and Direct Part Mark

Unique Device Identification is now mandatory for all medical devices in use in the USA. The FDA implemented this regulation to ensure traceability and quality assurance of instruments and devices being used throughout healthcare facilities in the US jurisdiction. If your medical device company exports from Ireland to the USA, VisionID can help you ensure you are compliant with this regulation.

At VisionID, we have expert knowledge in the area of Direct Part Mark (DPM) and UDI compliance. We can supply a solution for DPM scanning and print media to meet your UDI

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