Intelligent Production

In a world where industry relies heavily on improving productivity and streamlining the production process, falling behind the rest of your field will prove detrimental to the long-term success of your business.


VisionID works with leading suppliers of intelligent production solutions to help you keep up with the rest of your sector whilst improving internal quality control, increasing output, reducing costs, and showing that you’re a forward-thinking company.


Reduce Errors and Inefficiencies for Best Productivity and Highest Quality

Being flexible and open to change is a crucial part of growing your company. With technology being developed every day in order to make the production process more efficient, there are opportunities at every stage to improve the way your products are manufactured.

Delays in the supply chain mean unhappy suppliers and retailers, and in turn – dissatisfied customers. Time is money, and these days, getting an edge over your competitors could be as simple as deciding to implement intelligent production technology in your warehouses.

This makes you capable of distributing your products more quickly, without having to compromise on internal quality control or standards.


Labelling and Tagging as an Intelligent Production Solution

Barcode labelling connects people, machines and materials, for optimum real-time visibility at all times. If you’re conscious about tracking high-value products, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging supplied by VisionID provides a secure way to access real-time location and distribution data.

Track and trace software can provide visibility and control over the total business process, as barcoding ensures data credibility and reduces human error.

Installing industrial barcode printers as part of your production process means you can store internal information like production numbers, completion dates, material uses, and quality control results in a single label. They can even be attached to Mobile Workstations, both powered and non-powered, for optimum time-saving capabilities.

Information from barcode labelling can be accessed using barcode scanners, which in turn means total transparency across all areas of production for the whole company - drive effective operational strategy, maintain high standards, and access real-time data whilst it happens.

This solution is perfect for stock control, and job tracking – with an RFID or automated barcode scanning system, a product or part making its way down the production line can communicate with you via scanners or readers to confirm its position and status.


Connected Workers

In order for production to be efficient and intelligent, it’s necessary to provide workers with a means of communication at all times. There are a number of integrated solutions to this production problem.

Depending on your facility, you may require intrinsically safe devices. When working in an explosive environment, each piece of technology used by your employees must be safety checked and ATEX-zone-compliant. VisionID provides a range of devices that are safe for use in explosive environments, such as ATEX barcode scanners, computers, handheld devices, notebooks, and tablets.

In terms of communication, many of our devices feature “Man-Down” alerts for lone workers and are engineered to work over WLAN or standard telephone network connections, without compromising the safety of your operations.

In fact, VisionID can install WLAN networks for any size operation or organisation, depending on the needs of your company. Installing WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) provides a secure communication channel for your workers, especially if your facility is located where standard telephone network signal is not strong enough to facilitate using it as your primary communicative option.

We can recommend an install base of handheld devices or company phones best suited to the needs of your company’s requirements. With our storage and charging cabinets, as many as twenty-five handheld devices can be stored, charged, and communicated with from a centralised point. This solution provides ample communication and PDA capabilities for all employees, speeding up the production process.


Inventory and Asset Management

The production line may end at the distributions warehouse, but the way each asset or product is controlled during and after production is just as important. In order to fully take advantage of intelligent production, you must also implement technology in your inventory and asset management systems.

RFID tagging systems, supplied by VisionID, boast a range of different devices for the effective management of assets and inventory items. Whether you need RFID antennae, readers, or printers, our huge range of infrastructure will undoubtedly be able to cover your needs.

RFID tagging, as well as barcode labelling, can be paired with Inventory Management software applications, in order to track and trace products internally.

Being able to see the status of your production line, products, and workers at a glance is an invaluable tool you can use to inform ERP and Warehouse Management Solution decisions.


VisionID Manufacturing Intelligent Production Solutions

We supply intelligent production solutions to hundreds of different facilities. The Pharmaceutical sector benefits from our powered and non-powered workstations, which are commonly used for data retrieval at point-of-retrieval.

The food and beverage industries benefit from our Vision Systems, specifically our Vision Sensors, which detect discrepancies in volume, food portions, and packaging before the products are approved for distribution and labelling.

Whatever your needs, VisionID can supply an Intelligent Production solution to reduce scrap and defections, drive effective operational strategy, and ultimately – speed up production without compromising on quality.

Get in touch with a VisionID expert for an individual assessment of your company’s needs, and recommendations regarding the Intelligent Production solutions you could benefit from.

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