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Businesses are expanding their technological capabilities to involve mobile-network capable devices as the need for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) grows. The term itself is a loosely defined one, but refers broadly to the set of people, processes and technology necessary to manage mobile devices, wireless networks, and other mobile computing services in a business context.


Security Issues

Some companies champion the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) initiative whereby employees can use their own smartphones and tablets in the workplace. However, this raises several security issues, particularly where data protection and confidentiality are concerned.

Many companies come to VisionID looking for an EMM solution, with the desire to maintain or increase current levels of reliance on technology, and to decrease the security threats posed by external devices being used in the workplace.


Part of EMM also refers to ensuring that the technology bought to achieve these goals is used effectively, and to make sure that the investment delivers a suitable return and a marked increase in efficiency, as well as communicates correct information at the right times.

Communication and Safety - ATEX

In the manufacturing industries – whether they be pharmaceutical, food and beverage, or even oil and gas – the need to be connected with other employees within a facility at all times is vital. Often, these companies use hazardous materials or dangerous machinery, meaning that workers need to be protected.

In certain industries, ATEX directives govern the equipment and hardware that can be used in Zone 0-2 and Zone 20-22 areas. An EMM manager conscious about ensuring protection will understand the importance of ATEX-compliant mobile phones and handheld communication sets, distributed to each employee.

In essence, their job is to provide working communicative and computing devices, ensure they’re kept in good condition, and additionally: make sure that they’re a safer choice than a personal mobile, for example.

The Ex-Handy 08 from ecom is a situation-ready phone for use in hazardous environments; ATEX-certified and housed in rugged materials. It connects to cellular networks, but doubles as a push-to-talk device in areas with a limited signal.


Customisable Hardware

The TC70 from Zebra is the perfect example of a multi-use handheld computer. It not only handles long distance calling but can also access the internet and connect to the company’s own software to perform tailored tasks.

The most noticeable difference between personal mobiles and industry-tailored handsets is the hardware available for specialised handheld computers. Whilst any modern smartphone is capable of image capture, internet access, and messaging features, they simply do not compare to the TC70 or an equivalent in a work environment.

That particular handheld computer features Corning® Gorilla® Glass for extra damage resistance, can operate in extreme temperatures as low as -20° C (-4°F), and incorporates multi-touch capacitive touch screen technology.

What could a detailed EMM solution from VisionID include?

VisionID experts are on hand to consult regarding your individual EMM solution, and we can supply technology to satisfy even the most stringent EMM security directives.

You may wish to ask a VisionID expert about:

  • Best device that would integrate with their WMS and ERP software.
  • Platform audit and evaluation.
  • Migration from current systems to modern UI, such as Android.

An EMM solution from VisionID could range from a few mobile computers or tablets for employees in the distributions or storage warehouses, to an entire WLAN installation, an install base of handheld computers, and an in-house RFID tagging and reading system for track and trace purposes.

Enterprise mobility management software

By working with providers of enterprise mobility management software that will help to manage devices remotely and keep device’s software up-to-date, removing any interruptions to your workflow productivity. Other software can be added to help empower your staff both inside and outside the four walls

It features several significant benefits, including:

  • Automated administrative duties communicated to all employees over the cloud.

This reduces administrative fees and overhead costs.

  • Optimised work flow processes.

These allow you to provide a higher quality service.

  • Improved job scheduling and planning.

This improves staff resource allocation.

  • Real-time data receival.

It supports easy reporting tools, which allow employees to update job completion statuses, and customers to sign off and confirm invoicing.

  • Flexible and modular design.

The software is capable of growing and changing as hardware and technologies advance, proving it is a worthy investment.

VisionID combines this software with our unrivalled knowledge of EMM, and our broad range of products with which to supply you. Our EMM solutions are fully customisable and can be tailored to the needs of your facility, and we’ll assist in the configuration of software, hardware, and business frameworks.


For further information on Enterprise Mobility Management solutions from VisionID, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team on +353 (0)52 618 1858 or at info@visionid.ie.

What our clients have to say

“VisionID provided us with an in-store enterprise mobility solution, which equipped our staff with rugged handheld devices. From using these devices we have improved many of our internal processes, from warehouse operations to customer deliveries they always go above and beyond to help. Great customer service." - Dariusz Tokarski, IT Manager in D.I.D. Electrical 

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