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Manufacturers own many valuable assets which, without an asset management solution, can be difficult to track. From robotic arms to mobile workstations and forklift trucks, having a successful asset management system in place will create an environment in which all items are accounted for and easily traced.

At VisionID, we combine various hardware and infrastructures – such as barcode scanners, verifiers and labels, and mobile technology – to ensure you know exactly which assets you own, where they are, and who has access to them.

Tracking company items doesn’t have to be a complex and taxing job. You can use a combination of software and mobile technology to check asset status, and answer any questions you may have, including the following:

  • When did the asset come into service?
  • What is the performance of the asset?
  • Where is the asset, and where has it been?
  • Who has the asset, and who had it before that?
  • When was the asset taken out of service?

Your manufacturing plant can easily track your valuable assets, and also use data you collect from them to inform business choices and investments in technology to improve the manufacturing process.

Full Asset Management Solution from VisionID

If assets go missing or become damaged, your company loses money and capacity. However, by managing your assets using a bespoke solution tailored to you by VisionID experts, you can instantly visually assess the status of your assets, their whereabouts, and whether any action needs to be taken.

VisionID asset management solutions vary depending on the needs of your company. We offer a range of products and services to assist you in getting your assets in order.

Tracking/Location Systems

Older asset tracking systems recorded only when an asset was checked in, and when it was checked out. Our systems provide real-time data on the asset and can update you periodically with location and status information.

RFID tags and 2D barcodes

With our integrated RFID and Barcode systems – typically consisting of tags or labels, printers, verifiers, and scanners – your employees need only to scan an asset to access internal data individual to it, which can be customised.

Audit trails

If you wish to tag your assets and link them to auditing software, you’ll be able to see a full-service record of both maintenance and inspection of the assets. You can export data from this, including dates and actions, to formulate full-scale reports.

Check forthcoming availability

You can track and trace assets almost like how library books are tracked – with VisionID’s asset management solution, an employee would be able to enquire as to when an asset would be next available, or at which point it would be coming back into circulation within the company.

What does asset management do for my company?

Running a large manufacturing facility means you’ll be responsible for the maintenance, tracking, and tracing of multiple assets – many of which will be worth a substantial sum. In fact, there are likely assets within your company you could be claiming depreciation against.

An asset management solution is advantageous in that it allows for every asset in a company to be used to its full potential, and highlights those which need replacing or updating in order to increase productivity and output levels. Your finance teams and accountants will be able to see a full-scale report on the performance of an asset and can use this information to decide where best to direct their budget.

Asset tracking

What exactly can an asset management solution from VisionID help you track? Well, you may be the owner of a large warehouse facility. In that area alone, an asset management solution could assist you in locating, tracking, and assessing:

  • Vehicles – Lorries, vans, and company cars
  • Machinery – Forklift trucks, conveyor belts, drills, and cranes
  • Production Line Equipment – Lumber-cutting machinery, robots, vision systems and scan equipment
  • Communicative devices – Handheld computers, company mobile phones, and ATPEX-compliant devices and hardware

Asset Management with VisionID

We work with global industry leading suppliers such as Zebra to bring you bespoke solutions to your asset management problems.

VisionID can provide you with RFID systems, including printers, readers, and the tags themselves. Whether you require active or passive tags will be discussed when you get in touch with a VisionID expert, who will be able to assess and audit your situation, as well as recommend products and a tailored solution to your asset management needs.

If your RFID systems require manual scanning capabilities to ensure total transparency across the facility, we can supply you with barcode-printed tags, which respond both to RFID readers and traditional barcode scanners. Similarly, VisionID are capable of supplying high quality QR codes and traditional linear barcodes, which can contain personalised information accessible via handheld computer, or scanning device.

Mobile handheld computers – which combine barcode scanning technology, communication capabilities, and support for company software demands – can be used to complete your asset management solution, allowing your workers to access the system at any point.

For further information on asset management with VisionID, please contact us to speak to an expert.

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