Today, half the world lacks access to essential health services, and the systems that support the other half are under ever-increasing stress.

At Visionable, the team know that a person’s ability to get the care they need depends largely on their circumstances. Who they are. Where they live. And in many places, whether they’re able to pay. And they believe this is fundamentally wrong. Affordable, high-quality, timely healthcare is a basic human right and to make care equitable and fair, it needs to be accessible to all.

So we’ve partnered with Visionable to bring to you a whole new way of bringing healthcare teams together for advanced collaboration.

The Visionable platform enables clinicians to set up structured meetings that can be attended by an unlimited number of participants, using the device of their choice. All the participants can be visible on screen at the same time and can share high quality images and live feeds.

With Visionable, everyone can attend from wherever they are, seamlessly connecting with the rest of the team, with all of the tools and information needed to make actionable decisions.

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We are unique in our approach to transforming healthcare systems because of where we started. Working within the NHS, we saw first-hand how technology could be used to improve clinical care, making it more accessible and equitable for patients. Through our distinctive technology and experienced team we transform clinical pathways and provide trusted advice based on an inside knowledge of how health systems work.


Key features:

  • One platform for all your needs
  • Share feeds from other clinical and technical devices
  • Display an unlimited number of screens simultaneously
  • Utilise multiple camera feeds
  • High-quality images
  • Unlimited participants
  • Reliable and secure
  • Compatible with various devices and web browsers
  • Ability to record your meetings
  • Integrated SMS function
  • A UK-based, in-house support team

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