Healthcare Staff Communications


VisionID’s healthcare communication systems ensure instant access to patient records and the delivery of time-critical messages between doctors, nurses, and medical technicians through a combination of text, voice, and data communication.

Quite often, the design and layout of clinic, primary care, and hospital premises negatively impacts patient care outcomes because staff spend a lot of time walking around wards trying to find colleagues or supplies rather than providing the clinical care.

Recent studies have shown the benefit of hands-free mobile communications between staff. Particularly in wards or premises with single-occupancy rooms, communication between nurses and other medical professions is difficult. Healthcare staff have also indicated that they prefer to have two-way devices allowing them to stay on the move and be in touch with colleagues.

One recent study showed that the implementation of mobile communication technology within a hospital ward reduced staff walking distance by 19.8% (Pemmasani V et al, Nursing Times; 110: 13, 12-14). Other studies show that nurses can save 2 to 6 hours per week when these technologies are introduced.


Improving patient care

VisionID’s communication systems allow your staff to give orders, report on patient interactions, and alert others to emergencies – real time communication in healthcare.

Our solutions come with always-on mobile connectivity built in. At the push of a button, your healthcare staff can speak to each other immediately allowing for effective and efficient teamwork, diagnosis, and treatment.

Mobile computers and communications devices built upon a wireless infrastructure gives healthcare staff the ability to communicate with each other in real time across your healthcare facility’s estate indoors and outdoors.

All relevant staff have a direct link to patient records meaning a prompt response to patient needs is possible. Nurses can view patient records on mobile computers and using the information on display at the same time as speaking with the patient, better outcomes are possible without the investment of additional time.


Access patient data in real time

Accurate patient data means that healthcare staff respond more quickly and accurately to patients’ needs and that the correct solutions can be applied immediately because of the available of that information.


Streamlining processes – reduce wait times, improve patient flow, increase staff happiness

Particularly in a primary care, GP, or walk-in setting, our technology can increase the throughput of patients maximising time spent by doctors and nurses with patients.

Healthcare staff can allocate and update tasks depending on the demand placed upon services during a shift or a developing emergency situation with a streamlined mobile communication and data system.


Portable technology

We can connect your staff up to your new internal communication and data transfer & display system with three different specialist items of hardware.

The EC30 is specially designed for portability — it’s small, lightweight and durable — and delivers comprehensive voice and data capabilities including secure messaging and 1D/2D barcode scanning.

The TC21, TC26 and TC52 touch computer series also blends style and function for enjoyability and ease of use by staff members. Maximising display size for optimal information sharing and with mobility extensions built in, our touch computers can scan 1D and 2D bar codes even if the barcodes are badly printed, obscured by dirt, or they have been damaged in transit.

The HMT-1 from RealWear is optimized for completely hands-free voice control. That means no scrolling, swiping, or tapping - just simple voice commands. Use it for remote mentor video calling, document navigation, guided workflow and mobile forms.

To complete your healthcare mobility communication system, we tie up your reliable and robust new hardware with a bespoke software system.


Responsive, fit-for-purpose healthcare software

VisionID’s software links your healthcare organisation together using the devices above linked to a central communications system.

Designed to connect your workers together, they all benefit from an administrator-controlled: access to relevant information across your organisation on demand

  • access to relevant information across your organisation on demand
  • ability to take voice calls wherever they are
  • direct link to the colleague they need to speak to

Colleagues can connect to each other through a standard phone-like interface, through push-to-talk technology (colleague to colleague, site to site, and to collaborative groups of up to 75 users) and via enterprise messaging.

The next generation of clinic care communication

VisionID’s team has extensive experience in providing the optimal hardware and software solution for streamlined voice, data, and information communication among colleagues in dozens of different healthcare environments including primary care, hospital, care homes, and more.

To find out more about improving staff communication and collaboration in healthcare, please contact us or call +353 (0)52 618 1858.

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