Pharmacy Management


Pharmacy management is a sector requiring high levels of accuracy in order to function effectively. The pharmaceutical industry requires supply chain and asset management at every stage, but lack of organisation is most apparent at the very end of the line – prescription distribution.

Pharmacy management solutions from VisionID combine existing and new technologies to improve pharmacy operation, and ensure accurate information is available immediately upon request.

Additionally, the new Healthcare Distribution Association (HDA) legislation sets a February 2019 deadline for pharmacies to install barcode scanners into their checkout systems. The decision has been made in response to a spate of counterfeit-related medication crime in the UK. The new directive aims to ensure all medicines dispensed are authentic and will require cashiers to scan all medication at point-of-sale before the customer can be issued their prescription.

This will impact pharmacy management significantly and will drive up standards of supply chain management systems in the pharmaceutical industry across the country as the need for universally readable barcode labelling becomes mandatory.


What is Pharmacy Management?

The term ‘Pharmacy Management’ refers broadly to the set of processes, people, and technology used to manage and dispense medication and prescriptions accurately. It covers identification rule compliance, dosages, and the five rights of medication administration:

  • Right patient
  • Right drug
  • Right dose
  • Right route
  • Right time

In addition to the medical compliance that must be employed by a pharmacy, they must also be capable of managing a small warehouse of valuable assets, distributing it, and ensuring its safety.


What should I address when designing a Pharmacy Management system?

VisionID works with hospital pharmacies to design bespoke Pharmacy Management systems which aims to correct and minimise a number of common problems found in this industry.

Medication Dispensing Errors

Medication must be dispensed at the correct dosage, and most importantly: to the right patient. Though pharmacy dispensary operatives are highly conscious of this, and more often than not display an excellent ability to continuously provide patients with accurate prescriptions, as with all manual tasks, there is room for human error.

Pharmacy Operations

Inventory management, regulatory compliance, and efficient dispensing of prescriptions are daily pharmacy operations. Without proper management and a holistic overview of internal processes, pharmacies can suffer as they fail to organise their everyday duties effectively.

Accessing Vital Information

To fulfil the five rights of medication administration, it’s necessary for pharmacists to review sensitive information individual to the patient at hand. As each prescription is tailored directly to the individual and may have been decided upon after months of testing or second opinions, it would be inefficient for the system to fail at this final step.

Automatic Prescription Tracking and Labelling

Handwritten prescriptions can cause conflict of communication between doctors, pharmacists, and suppliers. Further complications arise when the margin for human error is expanded by those working long hours, those with difficulty deciphering the traditionally spidery handwriting favoured by doctors, and those who may simply misread prescriptions or dosage levels.


What can VisionID do to optimise Pharmacy Management at my facility?

Pharmacy Management solutions from VisionID can assist you in several areas. Not only do you comply with new HDAAD directives regarding barcode labelling and scanning technology, but you also minimise margin of error in the daily operation of your pharmacy.

For example, using functional technology means you can elevate the way your pharmacy is managed by reducing manual data capture, which reduces errors, provides instant vital information access, and ensures accurate data is visible by all.

Below are a number of solutions which VisionID can combine to optimise pharmacy management for your organisation:

  • Improve workflow by scanning documents, barcodes, Identification Cards, and medication, all with the same device.
    The Honeywell Xenon 1900h Barcode Scanner for Healthcare performs exceptionally in clinical environments without unnecessary tangling of wires or cords. It offers clinician-requested features such as area-imaging technology – this makes it perfect for scanning barcodes of every type, including coloured designs.
  • Increase efficiency by minimising paper-based workflow, whilst simplifying information storage and retrieval.
    The Zebra MC40-HC Touch Computer for Healthcare allows pharmacy workers to access records, administer medication, scan barcodes, and operate securely whilst connected to the internet.
  • Ensure every transaction is accurately processed in the shortest amount of time possible for increased customer satisfaction.
    The Youjie HF600 Presentation Area-Imaging Scanner is perfect for handsfree scanning at point-of-sale. It features intelligent lighting technology, and an option for mobile phone scanning which could be useful as prescriptions become digitised.
  • Fulfil HIPAA data protection and handling compliance by ensuring patient information is used securely.
    The Zebra NX 5500E Wireless Switch provides Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) coverage for small-to-medium sized pharmacies, with impressive security options available to ensure your pharmacy is GDPR and HIPAA compliant. The network is highly dependable, and is designed to reduce operational downtime, meaning your customers and patients will always be able to get their prescriptions on time.


Pharmacy Management Solutions with VisionID

VisionID work with global leading brands like Zebra and Honeywell to bring you pharmacy management technology optimised for the healthcare sector.

Many of our products, such as the DS8100-HC Healthcare Scanner, are designed to operate in a clinical environment with antibacterial housing to minimise cross-contamination, and exceptional scanning performance.

The Zebra ZT230 Mid-Range Barcode Label Printer is perfect for use in your pharmacy, with features designed for quick set-up and ease of use. This makes dispensing medication quicker, easier, and most importantly – more accurate.

VisionID can design a pharmacy management solution tailored to your facility, and we will consider existing technology in order to maximise the prospect of integration for a more cost-effective upgrade programme.

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