Healthcare Asset Management


Tracking valuable equipment is a priority for any healthcare organisation. Whether it’s medical equipment, consumables, furniture, or other assets, knowing what you have available, who has it, and where it can be found adds to the speed and effectiveness of the provision of your service.

What type of equipment can VisionID’s asset management track? Wheelchairs, IV stands, imaging machines, and consumable supplies – whatever can be barcoded can be tracked.

Accountability of assets

When your asset information is entered into a database, you can monitor performance, whereabouts, and costs.

If your organisation has to respond to an emergency, the assets you need to be able to cope with the demand on your services will be immediately locatable.

Our system is based upon the placing of sensors and tags on your medical devices and assets – patient blood bags, heart monitors, wheelchairs (including different sizes) to emergency X-rays. Those sensors and tags are continually recorded and updated by our software so you know, in real time, what you have available and where to find it.

With more and more hospital equipment being disposable, asset management allows you to keep track of the speed with which you’re using those items and you will understand well in advance when you need to place a re-order.

You’ll be able to track the volume of use individual assets are put to, meaning you’re better able to understand which items you need to purchase and when. Asset management means that, via trend monitoring, you can make sure that vital supplies never slip below critical levels.

Service offering

VisionID’s system for healthcare asset management is based on barcoding, RFID tags, scanners, antennas, and printers, all of which are controlled by a customised software package bespoke to your organisation’s exact needs.

You decide what needs to be labelled and the information you need storing on those labels and on the central database. Work with our team to decide on what your facilities must be tracking and we will then advice you on the hardware and the software needed to achieve your desired outcomes.

At all times, you’re in control and our aim is to present a series of options to you with the advantages of each option. When the time comes to launch your new healthcare asset manage system, in tandem with your staff, we’ll: install it with minimal or no disruption, provide the training needed so that staff use it in a way that delivers the value from the system you want, and we’ll be there to assist you when you need it thereafter.

Portable technology

VisionID works with healthcare facilities from primary care to nursing homes to hospitals. Our solutions provide your organisation with a powerful system to track all your assets. You’ll be able to simplify the way your organisation runs, make the working lives of your doctors, consultants, and nurses easier and more productive.

Choose an MC40 mobile computer. A hard-wearing, multi-functional unit that offers ease of use with aesthetic style, the MC40 includes an integrated mag-strip reader, push-to-talk functionality, and advanced barcode scanning. Its large screen means that the information you call down from your system is easy to read and well laid out.

Many healthcare clients chose the TC51 touch computer series. Like the MC40, aesthetically and ergonomically, it’s as attractive and as easy to use as modern smartphone market-leading handsets. Its large screen makes retrieval of the information you require easy. It comes with mobility extensions built in and can read barcodes damaged in transit, obscured by dirt, and which were badly printed.

The RFD8500 converts a mobile device owned by your company (with the correct app installed) into a highly functioning RFID and 1D/2D barcode scanner while the small but attractive ZD500R RFID printer allows healthcare assets to be tagged, its movement, location, and ownership being recorded onto the system (among other information). We also offer an industry-ready series of industrial printers offering advantages in connectivity, registration, and print speed.

VisionID can help you choose from a wide range of enterprise-grade antennas and RFID readers for installation around your premises, capable of tracking asset traffic instantly (even in larger areas and buildings).

In addition to the hardware required for your asset management, we link it to software that can be customised to your organisation’s exact needs.


Responsive, fit-for-purpose healthcare software

Combining enterprise reliability and Internet of Things technology, VisionID’s smart printer operating system delivers intelligence and innovation in healthcare asset management.

Backed up by a wide range of customisable and off-the-shelf applications, developer tools, and utility functions, its advanced connectivity, device management architecture and state-of-the-art privacy controls makes it the system of choice for hospitals, primary care establishments, and nursing homes.


The next generation of clinic care communication

VisionID’s asset management system not only has been shown to improve patient care and operational efficiency, it enhances healthcare staff employee productivity and helps you in reducing operational costs by giving your healthcare organisation real visibility of assets.

To find out more about improving staff communication and collaboration in healthcare, please click here or call +353 (0)52 618 1858.

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