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VisionID Healthcare Solutions

Enhance patient care and safety with real-time visibility solutions enabling your staff to make the best decisions in all areas of the healthcare facility.

At VisionID we provide solutions for the healthcare industry to improve patient care and safety, through the latest in data capture technology and wireless infrastructure connectivity. Our solutions reduce clinical errors in patient identification, administration & medication and help track and trace medical assets, specimen samples and patient records.

From when the patient enters the hospital, to when the patient is being treated all the way through to being discharged, that the level of care they received was the highest quality of patient care and safety.

Learn how with our solutions you can enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency and IT operations within your healthcare facility.



VisionID Healthcare Solutions - Enhancing Patient Safety

Enhancing Patient Safety

Ensure that the right patient receives the right medication, the right dose, by the right route, at the right time with wristband identification with barcode technology. This provides your healthcare professionals with up to date information at the patient bedside enabling nurses to administer medication more quickly and accurately, helping to avoid costly errors. 

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VisionID Healthcare Solutions - Increase Operational Efficiency

Increase Operational Efficiency

Increase efficiency throughout the healthcare facility by connecting healthcare professionals, tracking patient progress, specimens and medical equipment. Our solutions can streamline your healthcare facility improving the quality and efficiency of the asset maintenance by locating equipment and scheduling maintenance quickly and easily. While also improving communication amongst healthcare professionals ensures accurate records, and streamlining diagnosis and treatment to priorities time with patients instead of errands. 

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VisionID Healthcare Solutions - Optimising IT Operations

Optimising IT Operations

Deliver high-speed, reliable and secure connectivity and communications between healthcare systems. Our wireless LAN solutions enable healthcare professionals’ access medical and operational information securely while on the move. With guest/patient Wi-Fi hotspot, visitors and patient can access the internet while in the healthcare facility via their smartphone / tablet.

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  • Barcode system saves time at busy hospital

    See how removing manual patient management procedures helped a busy hospital.

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  • Mater Hospital label printing case study

    With the help of VisionID, The Mater Hospital introduced a printing solution designed to print patient sample labels into their existing infrastructure.

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