Health Care

Enhance patient care and safety with real-time visibility solutions enabling your staff to make the best decisions in all areas of the healthcare facility.


VisionID offers a range of operational efficiency-enhancing services

to the healthcare sector. Our services offer enhanced patient care,
deliver empowered caregivers, and create a connected workforce enabling
you and your staff to provide world-class healthcare services to your
patients and their families.

Automated data capture using RFID, barcode technology, and mobile
devices connected up to the most intelligent software system powered by
WiFi means that your healthcare facility will be even more confident
over its patient identification, patient tracking, and specimen/sample
tracking. These technologies remove manual paper processes, reduce
medical errors, and provide real-time patient information to clinical
professionals and supporting staff.

Clinical efficiency and the time professionals spend with patients is
delivered by staff mobility solutions which introduce real-time
communication across your estate – the next step forward in best
practice and patient safety.

With our supply chain management and asset management solutions, you
keep a real-time check on your inventory management, understanding
better the flow of products delivered to your healthcare facility, how
they’re using, who uses them, and their life cycle. Inventory management
increases the availability of medical devices, drugs, and other
healthcare facility assets, and brings down running costs by more
efficient and accurate volume ordering.



Healthcare Asset Management

Identify and track vital equipment throughout your hospital ensuring staff have access to all supplies and assets when needed.

Healthcare Staff Communications

Keep caregivers connected to each other and to vital patient data for better quality care. Voice and data mobile devices allow accessing, updating and sharing of information in real time.

Healthcare Supply Chain Management

As companies expand globally, their supply chains become increasingly complex....

Patient ID & Tracking

Safety starts with positive patient ID. Gain complete visibility of each patient journey through your hospital by ensuring accurate identification ...

Pharmacy Management

Verify and record medication being dispensed to remove errors, ensuring the correct patient receives their correct drugs at the correct dosage...

Specimen Tracking

Eliminate the risk of wrong diagnosis or incorrect treatment due to mislabelled samples. With our specimen solutions you can assure accuracy and ensur...

What our clients have to say

“It allows a greater flexibility on access to identifying where charts are, and it supports the quality of care.” - Peter Rocha, Information Services Manager, University Hospital Waterford

University Hospital Waterford

“The Easycoder PF2i from VisionID has enabled the Mater to upgrade their Blood Label printing on the Hospital and Laboratory Information System with ease. Moving away from serial to ethernet printing was also a key milestone”

The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital

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