Enhance Operations

Through the cloud based application software, head office will be able login and send out daily schedules to the mobile workforce on the computer handheld devices. That will allow head office to see real time updates on tasks being completed by mobile workers and update information without using paper reports.


Cloud base application software

From head office you will be able to access the software on your computer via a login form from where you can access information.

Which allow you to:

  • Send schedules and routes to hand held devices over the internet.
  • See real time updates of information on tasks that have been completed

Benefits include:

  • Reduces admin costs as the solution provides a paperless non keyboard entry systems as information is inputted into the mobile device and is updated in real time.
  • Improves customer service as the mobile worker can get the job on time.
  • Improves efficiency as the mobile worker will always know what task they have to do next and reduces down time waiting for orders from head office about the next job.
  • Cost efficient as there is no capital outlay on infrastructural costs such as hardware and IT management.

From planning, testing, implementing, up to our after care professional service we will be there every step of the way, as your very own technology consultants and solution provider.

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