Field Mobility

Solution Overview

VisionID Field Mobility Solutions

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your field team by giving them real-time data connection to business systems through mobility solutions.

That is why having a field force management system that interacts with computer hand held device can make your mobile work force more informed and productive when out in the field.

The Field Mobility solution can eliminate the need for paper invoice and reports which in turn improve services to the customer and increase revenue for the business. The field mobility solution can be customise to suit the specific needs of different industries such as pest control, telecommunication, cleaning & hygiene services, facility management and other industries that require staff to be mobile.

VisionID Field Mobility Solutions - Mobile workers

Mobile workers

With our field mobility solution we can allow your mobile workforce to have access to information while out in the field that would normally have access to it at head office. This will enable your mobile workforce to gets jobs done more accurately and efficient while improving customer satisfaction.

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VisionID Field Mobility Solutions - Enhance operations

Enhance operations

Through the cloud based application software, head office will be able login and send out daily schedules to the mobile workforce on the computer handheld devices. That will allow head office to see real time updates on tasks being completed by mobile workers and update information without using paper reports.

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VisionID Field Mobility Solutions - Improve service

Improve service

The mobile workforce can improve customer satisfaction by using field mobility solution as they can respond to customers more quickly and effectively.

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