Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)


A WLAN allows access to the internet without having to connect to a physical access point. The demand for WLANs is fuelled by the growth of mobile computing, such as laptops and personal PDA’s, and a need to have a quick and easy way to get connected. Having a WLAN is now an inexpensive and reliable method of gaining internet access compared to old style networks which require numerous cables and access points.

VisionID is partnered with Zebra the world’s leading supplier of wireless solutions. Zebra has a vast range of wireless products to suit every need ensuring that all wireless needs are catered for from personal use to large companies. VisionID stocks an unrivaled wireless product range.

A WLAN consists of a radio connection via an access point. These routers transmit and receive radio signals for wireless enabled devices to communicate with.





Gaining internet access via a wireless network has numerous advantages for both personal and business use:

  • Convenience
    WLAN allow a convenient method for internet access as access can be gained remotely removing the need to be directly connected to the access point. This allows free movement in the office as access can be gained simply by connecting to the wireless network.
  • Mobility
    The development of public WLAN means that people can now connect to the internet while in public. Internet access is no longer restricted to business environments as many coffee shops, shopping centres etc. offer wireless access for little or no cost.
  • Productivity
    Ease of access means that productivity can be increased as employees can remain connected to their business at all times. This allows increased communication to other employees and customers to occur.
  • Deployment
    A WLAN has a great advantage of providing a simple method of gaining internet access. A WLAN means a single access point is created which people then connect to via their computer wirelessly. Previously individual access points had to be created, meaning a vast amount of cables were required to provide access. (An extremely hard task in large companies)
  • Expandability
    WLAN can be joined instantly once password has been given allowing an ease of access for existing employees and also new ones as the wireless network can serve numerous amounts of people.
  • Cost
    The cost of installing a wireless network is initially increased when compared with cabled networks. However, cost after installation is extremely low in comparison to the labour and costs involved in a cable environment.


Choosing a WLAN

VisionID can supply a Wireless Access Point to suit every customers’ needs. We are experts in guiding you through your needs and ensuring your every requirement is met. Each WLAN differs in coverage, context and capacity which determine your network planning. For example choosing the right antenna for your environment is extremely important as it determines your coverage strength and area.

VisionID provide a wireless LAN site survey to determine your wireless needs. A VisionID wireless engineer consults with each client after which the specific requirements are documented. Particular emphasis is placed on the application and bandwidth needs for the wireless LAN deployment. The engineer analyses the site to determine the appropriate equipment and locations for the required coverage and networking functionality.

This site survey includes:

  • Define access point locations
  • Measurement of signal strength between access point devices and client locations
  • Investigation of potential sources of RF interference
  • Examination of host connectivity alternatives
  • Evaluation of existing network connections, equipment, safety, security, cabling, power requirements and other key considerations
  • Site survey report – Information gathered during the site survey is collaged in a comprehensive site survey report. This report contains a breakdown of the survey results and a network design based on desired coverage, including special requirements such as security and redundancy.

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