Vision systems are crucial for quality assurance in manufacturing where they play an important role by scanning and identifying issues with parts.

Vision systems extract vital information from an image from which they use to determine the suitability of a product or part. This information can be used to inform how other parts of the production line are programmed and ultimately improve productivity in the manufacturing plant.

Cognex machine vision products help companies:

  • Optimize quality
  • Minimize waste
  • Maximize throughput

Whether verifying the fill levels of drink bottles traveling on a conveyer, reading oil-stained DPM codes on automotive parts, or positioning touch screens on smartphones to micron-level accuracy, machine vision technology performs highly-detailed tasks on high-speed production lines.

Use Cases:

Item Detection

Increase order accuracy by detecting the presence/absence of objects on logistics sorter trays.


Maximize yield, improve quality and lower cost with vision guided alignment solutions.

Barcode Reading Systems and Tunnels

Improve efficiency, increase throughput, and lower costs of inbound, sorting and outbound logistics processes.


Sort products efficiently, optimize storage density and eliminate manual measuring using automated dimensioning.

Products used

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