Light Up Your Supply Chain with Wiliot IoT Pixels

Get access to real time visibility of assets through IoT pixels.

IoT Pixels empower every product, every object and every ‘thing’ to sense and to fix inefficiencies and problems it encounters.

From supply chain temperature tracking for perishable goods, to cold chain tracking for vaccines, smart asset tracking for any items, even smart shelving in retail and healthcare. The possibilities for these tags are endless.


  • Compliance
  • Accurate data
  • Full view of assets

What are Wiliot IoT Pixels?

Wiliot’s IoT Pixels empower products, objects and things to to sense and fix the inefficiencies and problems they encounter.

Combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence in the cloud, The Wiliot Platform provides sensing functions including temperature and location. Wiliot IoT Pixels connect things to the Internet seamlessly, leveraging a live ecosystem of Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones and access points.


Reusable Transport Item (RTI) Solution 

Shed light onto the critical aspects of your supply chain

The Wiliot platform can help you to implement a truly circular solution as all Reusable Transport Items (RTI) such as crates, pallets, containers, and bins – can continuously communicate their status seamlessly.

This means that inventory can be tracked precisely, shipping and delivery can be monitored, freshness can be preserved, shelf life can be extended, and waste is dramatically reduced.


IoT Pixels

Wiliot’s IoT Pixels are essentially stamp-sized computers that can be placed on any type of reusable or returnable plastic transport item, enabling them to have continuous connectivity & intelligence.

Wiliot Cloud

The Wiliot Cloud uses machine learning to continually analyse sensory data and communicate valuable insights for each asset wherever it is in the supply chain - securely and privately.


Take action on new insights using your existing system (via our APIs) or by using a growing catalogue of best of bread applications from the Works with Wiliot ecosystem.


Features and Specs

  • Format - Stickers - delivered in reels
  • Range - 10 meters
  • Security - 128-bit AES encryption, Hardware True Random Generator. Privacy, Data Confidentiality, and Authentication Protection
  • Bluetooth - Compliant to latest Core 5.x specification
  • CPU - ARM Cortex M0+ 32-bit operating at 1 MHz
  • Non-Volatile Memory - Multiple harvesting units and nano-Watt computing operations

Cloud Services

  • Serialization - Global unique identity for products, with support for GS1-based notation and meta-data information like Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
  • Security - Privacy, confidentiality, access control and authenticity of identity data and sensing data
  • Application Focused Events - Compliance monitoring, sensor tracking, inventory counting
  • Event Core Families - Identification, Temperature and Location
  • Type of Events - Reports, Alerts, Exceptions
  • Latency for Events - Near real-time (seconds), continuous (minutes), snapshot (hours)
  • Interface - REST and pub/sub

Vertical Applications 




Service & Support

At VisionID we are with you every step of the way to consult and design the solution that matches your business’s needs. Our professional service experts will consult with you to design your solution, integrate this solution with existing systems and validate that your solution is working how it is meant to as well as offering after sales support and maintenance.

Consult & Design





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