Handheld Computers and Tablet PC

Portable handheld devices are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who require the assistance and convenience of a conventional computer, in environments where carrying one would not be practical. VisionID support handheld devices from the world’s leading hardware vendors, and combined with tailor made software we deliver mobile solutions for every sector. The capture, manipulation and movement of data at the point of activity enables businesses to become more productive, maximise the efficiency of their personnel and make improved business decisions based on the increased accuracy of centralised data. Listed here is a sample of mobile devices we offer that will enable you to harness the power of mobility through a range of services and solutions. Why not contact us directly to discuss your requirements and let us work in tandem with you.

Types of Hand Held Computers

Industrial Class

Superior data collection under demanding conditions using rugged mobile computers such as the Symbol/Motorola MC9000 or Intermec CK31. Light, powerful and rugged enough to endure even the most demanding applications, these mobile and wireless data-collection solutions are designed expressly to meet your needs. Whether you put them to work on the road, on the loading dock or anywhere else real-time communication and information access are essential.

Rugged Tablets

Built to withstand harsh environments while providing information access to and from the field, products like the Xplore ix104 are ready to work under the toughest conditions, hence the reason why more organisations are choosing rugged tablets. These computers are an ideal solution for increasing employee mobility and productivity beyond the office, and reducing dependence on wired desktops for data and application access.

Vehicle Mounted

In-cab or forklift mounted like the VC5090, allow operators work independently from the PC. Whether workers are on a forklift, at a fixed station or moving through the warehouse aisles, Vehicle Mounted systems provide the tools needed to increase productivity and reduce errors in shipping and receiving, as well as put-away and picking applications. The results are improved decision making, streamlining of warehouse operations and a positive impact on the bottom line.



Latest technology in wearable PCs allows both hands freedom to work independently. Arm yourself with advanced real-time, hands-free mobile computing and scanning and achieve maximum productivity, operational efficiency and accuracy in warehouse and package handling functions. From the dusty warehouse floor to the cooler and freezer, product like the Symbol/Motorola WT4090 rugged device delivers the information you need to streamline and error-proof processes, improving throughput and customer service for a rapid return on investment.

Enterprise Class 

EDA units deliver real-time information via durable handheld mobile computers such as the Symbol/Motorola MC70 and Intermec CN3. These unit put the power of a cell phone, PDA, computer, scanner and imager in the hands of mobile workers with rugged, multi-mode wireless Enterprise Digital Assistant. Designed to withstand all-day, everyday use in nearly any environment, these highly compact and lightweight devices delivers true, anytime, anywhere wireless WAN/LAN/PAN voice and data communications, including Bluetooth® capabilities, superior voice functionality, advanced data capture and the power to run nearly any application.

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