Handheld Computers and Tablet PC


Portable handheld devices and tablet PC’s are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who require the assistance and convenience of a conventional computer, in environments where carrying one would not be practical.

VisionID provide handheld computers from the world’s leading manufacturers, and combined with tailor made software we deliver mobile solutions for every sector. The capture, manipulation and movement of data at the point of activity enables businesses to become more productive, maximise the efficiency of their personnel and make improved business decisions based on the increased accuracy of centralised data.

Bellow gives an overfview of the types of handheld computers and PC’s available that will enable you to harness the power of mobility through a range of services and solutions.





Types of Handheld Computers


Industrial Class

Lightweight yet extremely powerful, our industrial class handheld computers are designed to endure even the most demanding operations; providing your team with increased mobility and superior wireless data-collection capabilities.

Our rugged mobile computers, including the Zebra MC3300 and Honeywell CK75, can be used to increase efficiency and productivity in a wide variety of industrial operations.

Whether you choose to put them to use on the road, on the loading dock, or within your warehouse, you can grant workers round-the-clock data access and real-time communication by implementing our bespoke industrial class technology solutions.

Rugged Tablets

Your operational teams need easy access to information even in the harshest environments and the capacity to communicate whilst in the field.

Our ‘rugged’ products, like the Xplore XSLATE D10, are specially built to withstand the toughest conditions – meaning no task is too much.

More and more organisations are choosing rugged tablets every day; opting for practicality, ease of use, and instant access to up-to-date information beyond the office doors.
Vehicle Mounted

Providing instant connectivity from the heart of the action in your warehouses, in-cab and forklift mounted technologies allow operators to work independently on the move.

Devices like the Honeywell Thor VM3 can be used to send up-to-date information and tasks directly to workers no matter where they may be; whether it is at a fixed station, on foot, or driving a vehicle.

These mounted systems provide your teams with the tools they need to greatly increase productivity and accuracy of delivery throughout the warehouse; giving them instant access to real-time shipping and receiving information on the go.

With the ability to send instructions and notifications en masse to all operators’ mounted devices, the implementation of this technology streamlines the chain of command and optimises managerial duties.


The Internet of Things has revolutionised the world of wearable, connected technology in a number of different business settings.

These cutting-edge devices free up employees’ hands to work independently; arming them with real-time computing, scanning and communication without compromising productivity.

Wearable PCs are designed to increase operational efficiency and accuracy in all warehouse functions, with the belief that technology should work to streamline and error-proof your processes rather than hinder them.

Whether it’s the warehouse floor or a freezer unit, the implementation of rugged devices such as the Zebra WT4090 can improve your teams’ overall output and delivery of service.

Enterprise Class Handheld Computers

Commonly referred to as Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDAs), these devices deliver real-time information to the relevant individuals at every level via connected, durable handheld mobile computers.

Combining the operating powers of a computer, PDA, mobile phone, barcode scanner and imager in one convenient device, EDAs such as the Zebra TC75 put the ability to access all of these functions from any location in the hands of your team.

Built to withstand long, hard days, these highly compact devices deliver anytime, anywhere wireless WAN/LAN/PAN voice and data communications; including Bluetooth® capabilities, superior voice functionality, advanced data capture and the power to run nearly any application you may need.

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