Reduce the spread of infection with an accurate, safe, and secure social distancing solution that allows contact tracing.

Around the world the way we do business is changing, due to new social distancing measures, many of us have to look at new and innovative ways to carry out daily tasks or even to return to work.

VisionID have worked with software partners to develop a solution that will make social distancing and the return to work easier for our clients. While enforcing safety protocols and protecting employees.

Aids companies in assuring HIQA Compliance

Bringing Social Distancing to the Enterprise

How it works:

  • Ultra-wideband (UWB) tags signal to track the location of people with extremely high accuracy. If social distance parameters between two workers wearing a tag are infringed, the tag will alert the employees in real-time.

  • All violations will be recorded on a secure network, which can be accessed in the event of an infectious breakout to enable fast and effective contact tracing.


Contact Tracing Software

Our easy to use software builds the Contact Tracing component of the solution. This provides a historical trace report to determine possible co-worker exposure, if a worker is suspected of/or has tested positive for COVID-19. Our Contract Software is fully GDPR compliant.

Why Ultra Wide Band?

  • UWB enables real time accurate readings as close as 10–20 cm
  • Bluetooth however may be as accurate as 1–2 meters, suitable in some applications but not as accurate as UWB
  • Ultra Wideband has a very wide spectrum or frequency (typically 500MHz) compared to BLE (2MHz)
  • UWB measures time it takes signal to travel – the higher frequency enables such accuracy
  • Superior performance in multipath 
  • The ability to penetrate obstacles

High-precision positioning UWB technology



  • Battery 600mA
  • 12 Hours working time (guideline)
  • Weight 26g
  • IP 67
  • Working Temperature -20C to 60C
  • 4 Pin Magnetic Interface Charging
  • Charging Voltage – 5V

UWB Gateway


  • IEEE802.15.4a UWB 
  • IEEE802.11AN 1x1 Wi-Fi
  • 10/100M ethernet
  • DC power or PoE
  • Working Temperature -20⁰C to 65⁰C

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