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Technology Lead Social Distancing Solutions

  • Real Time user level contact tracing
  • Track and report on every proximity event for all users
  • Pinpoint and isolate staff quickly.
  • Know where you need to disinfect based on movement history of all infected staff
  • Ensure social distancing is being followed.
  • Keep your operations running.
  • Get staff back to work safely

Enterprise Level Social Distancing Trackers with Instant Contact Tracing and Reporting

Aids companies in assuring HIQA Compliance

Easy to Use With Intuitive Controls


Staff choose between Wristband or Lanyard

Staff choose between Wristband or Lanyard


Assign Unique Anonymised IDs to Each Staff Member

Staff choose between Wristband or Lanyard


Staff get Back to Work Safely With all Proximity Events Tracked

Staff choose between Wristband or Lanyard


Instantly Track, Trace and Monitor Proximity Events for all Staff Members

  • Track every proximity event for all staff members
  • Real time updates to each staff member’s proximity events.
  • Securely store all user level proximity data on the cloud
  • Implement an early warning system based on criteria you set.

Instantly Track, Trace and Monitor Proximity Events for all Staff Members

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Real Time Reporting with Early Warning Features

Live Dashboard:

  • Display employee proximity events in real time

Contact Tracing Report:

  • Determine who was in proximity to an individual suspected of/or has tested positive for COVID-19

Analytics & Reports:

  • Variety of data reports, including date/range and trends, etc.

Why Ultra Wide Band?

  • UWB enables real time accurate readings as close as 10–20 cm
  • Bluetooth however may be as accurate as 1–2 meters, suitable in some applications but not as accurate as UWB
  • Ultra Wideband has a very wide spectrum or frequency (typically 500MHz) compared to BLE (2MHz)
  • UWB measures time it takes signal to travel – the higher frequency enables such accuracy
  • Superior performance in multipath 
  • The ability to penetrate obstacles

News and Blog

Why SureTraceID? The Benefits of Our Unique Social Distancing Solution

Recent months have tried our collective nerves. Under the constant threat of COVID-19, businesses and the people that make them have been racked by a plethora of issues impacting every facet of work and personal life.

The social, psychological, business, financial and legal consequences of our dilemma, in the way that they are felt by both individuals and institutions, highlight a fact that has too often been absent from the annals of business: that companies live and grow in symbiosis with their employees, their local community and its members, and that the hardship of one is the hardship of the other.

Our SureTraceID enterprise social distancing and contact tracing solution takes this reality into account, allowing you to protect and enhance the lives of your employees, yourself, your business and your community in all facets, simultaneously. Here’s how...

Helps you fulfil your social obligation in times of crisis...

Regardless of whether your area’s COVID-19 status is in-the-clear, not-too-critical, or full-lockdown-measures-implemented, current epidemiology around hotspot and second-wave phenomena suggests that ineffective workplace policy, measures and enforcement remain a determining factor in the likelihood, force and frequency of such events.

In other words, your and your enterprise’s combined responsibility to society-at-large has never been so great. By ensuring that your business’s COVID-19 prevention and response measures include the latest; most effective; most efficient, thorough and secure solution, you fulfil an obligation that you, as a business owner under this pandemic, have to society, your staff, yourself and your enterprise.

Thanks to its wearable and easy-to-implement nature; real time user-level contact tracing capacity; sophisticated proximity-event track and trace capabilities; and data-secure UWB technology, SureTraceID offers just that solution.

It does all this whilst providing your workers with a sense of security that is hard to come by in such times, the security of a preventative measure that relies on high and reliable tech to deliver on accuracy and speed of response, 100% of the time. COVID-19 represents a dire threat not only to our physical but also to our mental wellbeing, and a sense of workplace security is instrumental in maintaining the psychological health of your staff.

By offering your workers a solution that alerts them and you to proximity events in real-time, while facilitating a swift return to proper distancing protocol, as well as your ability to quickly trace and ensure effective contact response, you are freeing the minds of your workers, to a great extent, from what have been nagging and even debilitating concerns around proximity, non-compliance and employee treatment during dangerous times.

You are also, thereby, reinstating a sense of security, hope and trust within your organisation that, when absent, not only impacts the collective psyche of your staff, but also their ability to do the best job they can do to ensure prosperity for your business.

Facilitates business and financial health when you need it the most...

That brings us to the topic of business and financial health. It goes without saying that, for most, the business and financial consequences of having their areas forced into another lockdown scenario would be catastrophic. For many enterprises, lockdown means a halt to turnover, along with the expense of ensuring that their employees are looked after financially. Given the role that workplaces play in the spread, hotspot and second-wave epidemiology of COVID-19, you must acknowledge that your actions during the present weeks and months dictate the financial and business course of your future.

Expecting your employees to maintain social distancing, proper use of PPE and all of the necessary precautions is unrealistic in light of the fact that you still expect them to be efficient and productive employees who are focused on their tasks. They will get distracted, specifics of contact and proximity events will be forgotten and could well, in the event of outbreak, prove untraceable. Outbreak and employee inefficiency are one and the same in terms of your business and financial productivity, in that they both take a bite (or even the lifeblood) out of your bottom line... and both must therefore be avoided.

Furthermore, for many companies (especially the larger ones) COVID-19 has unleashed a Pandora’s box of legal issues, from issues surrounding work-from-home arrangements, employee wages, benefits and treatment, to events of loan default, contract terminations and shareholder communication issues in times of rapid business change. For businesses, these legal issues invariable have financial consequences, which can be minor, severe, or even result in bankruptcy, insolvency, closure and jail-time.

Until a vaccine is developed and dispersed to all, we walk a tightrope over business and financial ruin that can only be overcome with the integrity, accuracy, swiftness and agility of the digital technology behind SureTraceID. For more information on what makes the technology, features and functionality of VisionID’s SureTraceID enterprise social distancing solution the one to beat, please visit our solutions page.

In conclusion...

As businesspeople, we can prosper by learning to spot and seize the opportunity in situations of crisis and adversity, and with smart social distancing (track and trace) solutions like SureTraceID, we have found the opportunity to help build a sturdier, prouder and richer future than awaited us before.

Through instant, accurate and state-of-the-art prevention and response, we strengthen, protect and send much needed messages of durability, security and hope to the public, to employees and to ourselves. The time to act is now...

This week on Morning Ireland, Kenneth Arthur Chief Commercial Officer at VisionID took to the airwaves to discuss SureTraceID, an Enterprise Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution.

 SureTraceID® solution ensures Social Distancing in the workplace through an audible or vibrating alert and enables automated Contact Tracing which meets government requirements and minimises disruption to the workplace in the event an employee shows symptoms.

On air, Kenneth tells how one customer had to shut down an entire shift due to a suspected Covid case.

 “When you have a site with over 800 people, that’s very hard to manage from a staff wellbeing perspective, but also very disruptive. So really our solution is taking away that pain, digitising the contact tracing so you get highly accurate results.”

You can listen to the full interview here.

Should you require any more information about this solution click here, or contact info@visionid.ie

In late July Kenneth Arthur from VisionID took to the Airwaves with Vincent Wall on NewsTalk to discuss the launch of VisoinID’s Social Distancing Solution.

Kenneth Arthur, chief commercial officer, told Breakfast Business: "Many offices are preparing to re-open in August/September time, we wanted to help ensure social distancing in the workplace.”

A short few months later we see schools, and workplaces begin to reopen, and in adapting this “live with the virus approach”, safety measures have never been so vital.

VisionID’s Social Distancing Solution l Enables a safe return to work for all, as this unique solution not only promotes and enables correct social distancing, it also offers an automated contact tracing solution.

This enables quick, accurate and effective contact tracing in the event of an infectious outbreak.

To learn more about this solution please click here.

For more on the NewsTalk article please click here.

A new measurement study released by Prof. Doug Leith and Dr Stephen Farrell, researchers at the CONNECT Centre in the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin, confirms that it is likely to be challenging to use Bluetooth to reliably detect when people using contact tracing apps are within 2m of one another.

In an online article published online in May, Prof. Doug Leith said “We found that the strength of the received Bluetooth signal can vary substantially depending on whether people walk side by side or one behind the other, whether they carry their phone in their back or front pocket, where they place it within their handbag and so on”.

“It’s important that contact tracing apps are accurate”.

VisionID offers an accurate safe and secure social distancing solution using Ultra-Wide Band Technology.

But why Ultra-Wide Band?

  • Bluetooth may be as accurate as 1–2 meters, suitable in some applications but not as accurate as Ultra-Wide Band (UWB).
  • UWB enables real time accurate readings as close as 10–20 cm.
  • Ultra Wideband has a very wide spectrum or frequency (typically 500MHz) compared to BLE (2MHz).
  • UWB measures time it takes signal to travel – the higher frequency enables such accuracy.
  • Superior performance in multipath.
  • The ability to penetrate obstacles.

Learn more about VisionID’s Social Distancing Solution here.

To learn more about the study conducted by Trinity College Dublin click here.

Earlier this summer VisionID launched their new Social Distancing Solution. This solution is powered by Ultra-Wide Band Technology (UWB). UWB enables real time accurate readings as close as 10–20 cm.

VisionID’s offering is unique in that it enables not only Social Distancing but also quick and reliable Contact Tracing. Tackling such a prominent issue and enabling a safe return to work for many businesses, this solution quickly caught media attention and made the headlines.

On July 22nd, the Irish Times published; “Tipperary firm develops workplace social distancing tech”, to read the full article click here.

Thank you to all at the Irish Times for supporting VisionID and our solution.

To learn more about our Social Distancing Solution click here or contact info@visionid.ie to request a demo.

VisionID’s Chief Commerical Officer Kenneth Arthur joined Emmet Ryan on the Connected Podcast to discuss how VisionID’s Enterprise Social Distancing Solution came to be.

“When the initial crisis hit, we looked and said how we can support our customers, is there something we can do within our portfolio”.

VisionID used their experience with visibility technologies such as RFID to come up with a unique way to make social distancing and contact tracing easier in the workplace.

This solution ensures Social Distancing in the workplace through an audible or vibrating alert which allow digital Contact Tracing meeting government requirements and minimizing disruption to the workplace in the event an employee shows symptoms.

During his interview Kenneth also takes listeners through how the solution works, the benefits and how VisionID managed to keep operational during the height of the pandemic.

Listen to the full podcast for free here.

What our clients have to say

SureTraceID is easy to integrate and to use. In short it just works! Due to the automated reports, we were able to demonstrate to employees, or even HSE reps that we had an adequate and reliable contact tracing system in place. The solution does what it needs to, and contributes to the prevention of transmission in the work place. — Neville McIlwrath

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