Access your business critical information in real time using our bespoke and easily integrated software platform to deliver enterprise intelligence and transparency across your operations.

By utilising barcode, RFID and mobile computing technologies with our cloud based platform you can track and locate assets anytime and anywhere. Ensuring increased accuracy, employee productivity and operational efficiencies improving your operational profitability and return on investment.

Track and Locate

Easily identify, track and locate assets throughout your enterprise or out in the field, from tracking files, IT equipment to company vehicles our software enables you to gain greater control and visibility of assets across your operations.

  • Asset tracking on Google maps
  • Real-time updates of asset location
  • Identify personnel who’ve used or signed out assets
  • Automate asset data collection tasks


Tailored dashboards can be delivered based on your business requirements and user permission levels simplifying the user experience and providing quick access to specific items.

  • Rich reporting function
  • Tailored dashboard
  • Customisable to clients branding
  • Easy to use interface


Real-time Data

Access our cloud based platform at any time for real-time information whether in the office or out in the field.

  • Cloud based – no IT capital outlay
  • Easily integrated into infrastructure
  • Eliminates repetitive data-entry
  • Reduces excessive paper work


Not only can your office personnel access information on their desktop but it can also be used by your remote or field based personnel using an application on a handheld device. Ensuring business information is updated in real-time and available to all relevant personnel.

  • Real-time updates
  • Automate data collection
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Route tracking and planning

Solution Set

Retail Store Applications Asset tracking:
barcode & RFID
Auditing Property
stock control


Project Process

We understand that all businesses operate differently and to ensure our platform provides the best service our experienced team will work with you to identify requirements and platform specification to tailor the platform bespoke to your needs. Our innovative platform uses a unique approach which enables us to deliver and implement a solution within 10 weeks. Within our process are five key stages.

Identification of client's processes and platform requirements. Creation and delivery of detailed platform specification. Configuration of platform along with comprehensive beta testing. Platform deployment within the company and providing staff training. Post implementation support covering technical issues.

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