Fitness Centre

  • Through the adaption of RFID, you can improve fitness centres by using self-centres kiosks to reserve and check out equipment.

Education Building

  • Reduce administration and improve security in your educational facilities by using swipe-card access-control systems. Allowing you to record class attendance quickly and efficiently and ensure that the right people are accessing the right rooms.
  • Track valuable equipment throughout the college campus empowering you to know where critical are at all times.

Student Accommodation

  • RFID swipe-card access-control systems in student accommodation to ensure that only authorised students and staff are able to access rooms and other areas.

Visitor Centres

  • RFID card printers and real-time location services in your visitor centre to create secure visitor ID cards, enabling you to track the whereabouts of visitors and prevent unwanted access to facilities and resources.


  • Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your campus clinic by using barcoded wristband and label printers to track to identify patients, medication and specimen samples.

Campus Shop

  • Use self-service kiosks in your campus stores to reduce the time it takes to check out, allow students to pay with their student ID card and produce cost-effective receipts on demand.


  • Reduce the production time and increase the quality of your student ID cards by using innovative, high-quality RFID card printers in your admissions centre. This decreases the amount of time students have to wait in line, making your admissions centre more efficient.


  • Reduce losses and improve the tracking of library books, using RFID technology. These simplify the recording of changes of library books location, condition and availability, ensuring that accurate information is readily available.
  • Manage who enters the campus library through RFID technology and ensure the campus library is of the highest quality.
  • Use self-service kiosks in your campus library to reduce the time it takes to print. Students can pay with their student ID card and produce a cost-effective receipt on demand.

Events Centre

  • You can reduce wait times from standing in concession lines by using mobile devices at the point of sale to allow students to purchase food and souvenirs with their ID cards. These devices can also be used to print receipts from those purchases on demand.

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