Modernise your workplace with Zebra Android devices

Keep up with the speed of e‑commerce

Get more information on how your warehouse can seize new opportunities to improve performance and keep up with the pace of today’s on-demand economy with Zebra’s Android devices.

Today’s pressures with a demand economy & the increasing popularity of ecommerce:

  • Expected faster delivery times
  • Higher volumes
  • Shift to item-level fulfilment
  • Increased returns management
  • Rising consumer expectations
  • Labour scarcity

Four ways Zebra Android devices can combat these pressures and increase productivity:


  1. Quicker order fulfilment
    - these devices offer super-fast data entry and the ability to capture multiple barcodes in a single scan.
  2. More accurate order fulfilment
    ‑ 60% fewer errors are made with scanning and touch-screen technology which can capture barcode data from near and far.
  3. Faster onboarding of workers
    - including temporary workers, due to Android's familiar and intuitive touch‑screen.
  4. Maintain continuous device uptime
    with features such as fast charging batteries, push‑to‑talk communications instantly and up to 7 years security support.


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