Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a wireless system comprised of two components: tags and readers. The technology is used to track the location of an asset, product or even a person in real time usually within a constrained area.


A variety of hardware to capture data, including sensing, tagging and mobility products are deployed and paired with a Location Engine to collect and manage this data. This then delivers operational intelligence and context, enabling companies to improve business decisions based on the location


Our RFID Solutions gives the end user full traceability and visibility of the business in real time.

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RFID Solution Applications:

  • Asset Management – The tracking, management and utilisation of anything tangible that is owned by a company, typically of high value.
  • Supply Chain Management – The management of business processes related to the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of a products and services. This includes, Work in Progress, Assembly and finished goods inventory and warehouse management.
  • Workflow Optimization – Used mainly within manufacturing, and maximising the efficiency of the workflow of a business
  • Safety and Security – The management, assurance and compliance of safety and security for an enterprise, its employees, products and processes. Common applications include worker safety, evacuation and emergency mustering.

Vertical Applications:


Asset Tracking, Maintenance and Repair (MRO),Safety / Security, Supply Chain Management, Work in Process.


Cross docks, Inventory/Warehouse Management, Safety / Security, Supply Chain Management, Yard Management.


Asset utilisation, Automated Track and Trace, Loading, Maintenance Turn Times, Packing, Safety (Unescorted Minor) Vehicle tracking.


Tag Technologies Include

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