Future proof your warehouse and supply chain operations

Retailers are under ever increasing pressure to contain costs, increase productivity and meet customer expectations. Today’s shoppers can buy anything they want anywhere and anytime so it is more prevalent than ever that retailers ensure they have the right product at the right time, ready for their customers.

To do this effectively retailers depend on the efficiency of their warehouse operations. Our warehouse solutions help increase productivity and increase accuracy by providing complete visibility across the warehouse. From receiving stock to inventory management, to picking and fulfilment orders, to enabling staff communications over a wireless network, our solutions provide you with full visibility, improved workflows, stock accuracy, traceability – and improved bottom line.

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The normal process for goods being received is for warehouse operators to print off a batches of labels in the back office and when goods are received they would have to go through the process of time-consuming round trips between receiving areas and the office which can create the possibility of incorrect label being attached to the wrong box or tote.

Mobile label printers along with mobile handheld devices enable productivity gains and accuracy improvements by eliminating this manual round-trip process. On demand label creation at the receiving area also ensures that the receiving label or RFID tag gets checked-in and put away with high accuracy.

Benefits & Features

  • Reduces manpower need to check in receiving stock
  • More accurate stock in take
  • Reduces time needed to check in receiving stock

Inventory Management

Use mobile and wireless warehouse inventory management to manage physical inventory in real-time and reduce the number of workers required to conducting inventory count. Using our rugged mobile handheld devices with inventory management software to help streamline inventory control processes to not only meet regulatory demands but those of your customers as well. Physical inventory can be accounted for via more regular cycle counts, which require fewer workers and less time to complete.

With our solution with barcode scanner and rugged mobile handheld device along with the back end inventory management systems. Your workers can work faster and provide you with greater visibility into your retail warehouses.

Benefits & Features

  • Streamline Inventory Management Processes
  • Reduce loss of inventory
  • Enhance Accuracy without Delay

Picking and Fulfilment

Picking operations also benefit from wireless-enabled mobile printers because they enable operators to pick multiple orders simultaneously within a small zone— reducing empty travel time and raising productivity. Mobile printers are used to generate barcode or RFID labels for each item, which can then be scanned in the staging or packaging areas to expedite the sorting of items for specific shipments. The new process eliminated the travel time required to receive their pick lists from the office.

Instead, warehouse operators can pick orders per the instructions received on their wireless computer and scan each item’s barcode label and shelf location label after picking the item. The handheld transmits the scanned data to the ERP server, confirming the item. As a result, the warehouse reduce picking time by 50 percent and increase accuracy by 100 percent.

Benefits & Features

  • Reduces time of picking items
  • Reduces error in picking and packing the wrong item
  • Updates automatically to the back office


Printing at the point of use helps improve efficiencies during the shipping process. When packaging is complete, the warehouse operator can use the mobile printer along with a mobile workstation to generate a label to identify the finished goods. In a similar application, warehouses can also use mobile printers to manage ship-to-order operations. Rather than identifying and labelling final assemblies, workers can use labelling and scanning to verify the picking and packing of all the items required to complete the order.

In the ship-to-order application, workers can label items with an order code during picking or packing to associate them with specific customers. When the final order finishes, the worker then uses a mobile printer to generate the shipping label. Doing so ensures the packing of the correct items into an order, and the proper shipping label identifies the order.

Benefits & Features

  • Increases the shipping process
  • Ensures that items are shipped on time
  • Increase accuracy of correct items being shipped

This complete solution enables your staff to communicate clearly and reliably with one another and critical business applications, even in noisy warehouse or production environments, on the device that is most suited to their particular job function. As a result of increased warehouse communication, you’ll reap the rewards of a more collaborative, efficient and streamlined warehouse or distribution centre. Increasing automation within your warehouse requires having a strong wireless network so that tasks and updating information can be done simultaneously throughout the retail warehouse.

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