Tricel: ERP Shop Floor Solution

VisionID supplied and implemented a tailored intelligent solution for Tricel that put real-time tracking, planning and control directly to the shop floor, working to maximise the plant’s performance.


The Challenge Tricel Faced

Due to high manufacturing demands, a crucial part of managing operations for Tricel is data entry for visibility and traceability of production. Tricel’s existing pre-system was a time-consuming process. The company wanted to eliminate paperwork in their plants and introduce an ERP system which would allow for a real-time view of operations.

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The Solution

VisionID provided a customised solution from Advantech delivering 21 inch, IP66 rated Panel PC’s built to the company’s requirements. The decision was also made to provide a wireless solution to eliminate expensive cabling costs.

Using a variety of Ergotron mounting brackets and arms, the Advantech Panel PC’s got mounted to each work station in the plant where the touch screen is utilised to log data, allowing for real-time production visibility. The screens only made part of the solution, as VisionID also deployed a Zebra print and scan warehouse solution using the MC9200 and GX420T, for tracking finished product.

The Result

Data integrity is no longer a concern as the operator enters it into the ERP on the shop floor. Following the implementation of VisionID’s solution and the new ERP system; Tricel increased production due to time saved from searching for data.

The Customer- Tricel

Tricel is a global provider of high-performance, innovation-based solutions for the Water, Environmental, Construction and Distribution industries. Their manufacturing capabilities include a range of composite materials which are produced in-house by their experienced engineering team.

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What our clients have to say

SureTraceID is easy to integrate and to use. In short it just works! Due to the automated reports, we were able to demonstrate to employees, or even HSE reps that we had an adequate and reliable contact tracing system in place. The solution does what it needs to, and contributes to the prevention of transmission in the work place. — Neville McIlwrath

Cooneen Group

VisionID’s remote training session was well organised, and delivered with the highest level of professionalism. All of our questions were answered, and the follow up to the training was excellent. Looking forward to future training events.”- Michael, Sanofi


“VisionID helped us significantly improve our warehouse operations by enabling us to capture data and feed it into our ERP in real-time. After a consultation and Wireless Site Survey, VisionID implemented a secure wireless network for real-time data capture using Extreme Wireless infrastructure and Zebra MC9200 mobile computers. We now have improved inventory control and increased productivity within our warehouse.” – Stella Glavin, IT Manager

Nelipak Healthcare Packaging

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