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The Challenge Faced

As the company was expanding so too was Prevent a Pest’s client portfolio and workload. Though with the high level of manual administrative tasks to be undertaken the company was only working at 70% capacity. Efficient management of resources was key to the company’s development, ability to react faster to customer requests and market demands.

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“Ultimately if we wanted to continue to take on new clients and provide a professional, cost effective service we needed to improve the management of our resources.”

Due to its impact on staff resources the administrative activities were identified as a primary area for improvement. On average it was estimated that, cumulativelytaff were spending two days a week dedicated to administrative duties such as completing, processing, printing and filing reports.

“With the nature of the pest control industry, accurate reporting is vital to us and our clients in order to comply with ISO Standards. Per annum we produce roughly 11,000 reports with an average yearly printing cost of €2000.”

With the company technicians spending the majority of their time on site with clients, the allocation and updating of job information was often delayed along with the returning of paperwork to the head office. This greatly affected the operational efficiency of the company and the delivery of job reporting. To improve and streamline operations Prevent a Pest required a structured process which provided the ability to transfer information in real-time, automating processes and removing the dependency of paper trails.

Solution Overview

In November 2012 Prevent a Pest implemented the VisionID Mobility Cloud solution. The company was approached by VisionID, an Irish AutoID and data capture solution company in September of 2012. VisionID offered a free consultancy assessment to evaluate their practices and identify solutions which would streamline and automate their processes. Within a few days VisionID recommended The Mobility Cloud solution and arranged for an initial live demo of the software solution.

The Mobility Cloud solution comprised of the In2Sequence Process Performance Suite, a field force management software platform along with Zebra Mobile Computers with Enterprise Ruggedness and Integrated Barcode Scanners. The barcode scanners provided a quick and accurate way to scan traps, capture data, such as notes and signatures to enable updating job information, while the software provided the ability to retrieve and analyse the information from the handhelds. Most valuably the software platform supplied the company with a tailored dashboard customised with their preferences and business processes which provided them with an instant holistic view of their customers, sites and jobs.

“As a cloud based system the Process Performance Suite solution was easy to integrate and implement within the company. Accessible through a web browser the platform was easy to access, the interface was simple to use which meant little staff training was required.”

Return On Investment

Within eight weeks of implementing The Mobility Cloud solution the company noticed many positive changes, not only enhancing business processes but also improving staff morale. Many routine tasks became simpler and less time consuming, such as retrieving and updating job information. While out on client’s sites, technicians simply scanned the barcodes on the traps with the handheld scanners and this automatically updated the jobs information on our systems providing our office staff and clients with the information in real-time

Due to the comprehensive reporting capability of the software the company were able to quickly run reports even on an ad hoc basis and store them digitally reducing the time and costs associated with manual reporting.

The reporting capability also provided Prevent a Pest with insightful data on route analysis through the GPS mapping, enabling them to become more efficient with job planning and scheduling, making best use of their technician’s time and capacity.

“Prior to this we used time-cards and vehicle tracking systems to monitor technician’s routes and time taken to complete individual jobs, this was then manually tracked and analysed by our administrative staff using spreadsheets, which was an arduous task to maintain and was a system prone to errors.”

The Mobility Cloud solution also gave Prevent a Pest the ability to provide their customers with a web portal, a valuable resource to them as well as their clients. It created greater transparency between them and their clients while also giving their clients the autonomy to keep up to date with job progress and to access and view reports.

Through this level of automated reporting and the provision of a client portal Prevent A Pest were able to efficiently improve internal processes, reduce outlay costs, re-deploy staff resources and most importantly improve customer service.

About Prevent A Pest

Established in 1994, Prevent a Pest is an Irish owned company based in Cork offering professional pest control consultancy and solutions to the commercial sector. From small to large businesses, Prevent a Pest offer tailored solutions to Hospitality, Retail, Transport, Food Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, environmental and Industrial sectors.

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SureTraceID is easy to integrate and to use. In short it just works! Due to the automated reports, we were able to demonstrate to employees, or even HSE reps that we had an adequate and reliable contact tracing system in place. The solution does what it needs to, and contributes to the prevention of transmission in the work place. — Neville McIlwrath

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VisionID’s remote training session was well organised, and delivered with the highest level of professionalism. All of our questions were answered, and the follow up to the training was excellent. Looking forward to future training events.”- Michael, Sanofi


“VisionID helped us significantly improve our warehouse operations by enabling us to capture data and feed it into our ERP in real-time. After a consultation and Wireless Site Survey, VisionID implemented a secure wireless network for real-time data capture using Extreme Wireless infrastructure and Zebra MC9200 mobile computers. We now have improved inventory control and increased productivity within our warehouse.” – Stella Glavin, IT Manager

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