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The Challenge Faced

Musgrave is investing in a ‘Better Business’ project to deliver world-class business performance across its logistics and supply chain network. As part of this drive Musgrave targeted improvements in its delivery processes by deploying a mobile computing platform. The primary objectives were to improve customer service, reduce administration and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of its delivery operations. It also wanted to asset track its various types of delivery crates used to transport goods to reduce the numbers of these items that were misplaced.

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Solution Overview - Advanced mobile computing platform to track and trace delivery assets.

Musgrave consulted with members of its supply chain IT and logistics teams to define the requirements for its mobile computing system. These included the ability to track and trace metal delivery crates, collect electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD), optimize route planning, and support automated workflows (such as allowing drivers to fill in electronic time sheets). With these demands in mind, it evaluated which mobile computer would best meet the needs of its teams.


  • Fast ROI: Asset tracking of delivery crates has resulted in cost savings within the first year that has paid for the initial investment in the technology
  • Enhanced customer service: Immediate details are available to the business and customers about who signed for deliveries and when
  • Reduced administration: Automating driver time sheets has significantly reduced administration
  • Advanced fleet efficiency: Real-time mapping of vehicle locations and route optimization is improving fleet planning and utilization

Within its in-store operations Musgraves was already using Zebra handheld computers installed and managed by VisionID. The devices were working well and VisionID was selected by Musgrave to help with the new project. “We were delighted to become involved,” says Robert Jones, Managing Director, VisionID. “As an Irish company we were very proud to work with Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland, one of the country’s most respected businesses, with this high profile mobile computing project.”

VisionID supported Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland to deploy the Zebra MC75A EDA. The rugged devices provide the key features to support Musgrave applications including an integrated bar-code scanner, GPS, camera, and voice capabilities. Also, feedback from other users was positive as Stephen Bennett describes: “Aside from identifying a number of USPs that matched our requirements, our retail partners gave great feedback about the Zebra devices used within their stores. Following a detailed and comprehensive selection process we decided to deploy the MC75A which looked tailor-made to our needs.”

VisionID provides a complete service for the computers. It is responsible for the MC75A’s software, the training of end-users and the maintenance and management of the device estate, providing a help desk for users to report issues. To cost-efficiently manage the devices, VisionID uses the Zebra Mobility Services Platform. When users dock their MC75As in the charging cradle, it enables VisionID to remotely connect with the devices to monitor their status, diagnose any problems and update software. Should there be any unresolvable problems with an EDA, this is swapped out the next day through Zebra Service From the Start support package.


  • ePoD: PoD is collected using the MC75A’s screen and stylus
  • Fleet tracking: Musgraves’ dispatch team tracks the location of its delivery fleet
  • Route optimization: Drivers’ routes are optimized using satellite navigation
  • Asset tracking: Delivery crates are asset tracked using bar coding
  • Calls: The MC75A is used as a mobile phone by drivers
  • Time sheets: Drivers can log hours on the MC75A with the data captured for interface to payroll systems

The technology is improving performance across operations. Drivers collect electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) with the record immediately updated in back-office systems. The MC75A’s GPS capability optimizes route planning. Drivers can use the computers to log time sheets eliminating paper. In addition, Musgraves is asset tracking the many thousands of metal ‘combies’ (metal delivery crates) and potato bins used to pick up goods from food manufacturers and deliver stock to its retail partners. As a result, losses of containers have been significantly reduced – cost savings that, in the first year, are delivering a significant return on investment.

“As one of Ireland’s most respected companies, we continually seek to enhance business performance and drive efficiencies. We recently deployed a mobile computing platform based on Zebra MC75 Enterprise Digital Assistants. The MC75As are prepared, deployed and maintained by specialists in data capture, VisionID. As with any major IT deployment, we had some teething issues. But the support, professionalism and attention to detail of VisionID and Zebra ensured problems were resolved quickly. We are delighted with the technology. The initial focus of the project – to use bar-code labelling to track, trace and ensure the safe return of our delivery containers – is providing a great return on investment. We are also achieving efficiency and accuracy benefits by using the technology to collect electronic Proof of Delivery, optimize fleet utilization and route guidance, and automate reporting and eliminate paper trials.” said Stephen Bennett, Supply Chain Systems Manager of Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland.

Return On Investment

A key reason behind the move to mobile computing was to allow Musgrave to track and trace delivery containers used to pick up goods from suppliers and deliver products to retailers. “The containers are labelled with bar codes and whenever a unit departs our warehouse, arrives at a supplier or retailer and is returned to us, the label is scanned using the MC75A by the driver. So we can track units as they move within our estate and across the supply chain,” says Stephen Bennett.

Musgrave owns thousands of the expensive containers thanks to the tracking system it has now implemented a deposit mechanism, whereby funds are credited back once containers are safely returned by retail partners and suppliers. Consequently, losses of containers have been significantly reduced.

The technology is delivering improvements across other areas of the logistics operation. Musgraves has introduced ePoD for customers to sign for goods using the MC75A. The details of who signed for deliveries and when are immediately available to the business. Drivers can use the computers to fill in time sheets with the details automatically interfaced to internal systems to significantly reduce paper trails. Drivers can also make calls with the MC75A and are benefiting from enhanced route planning.This is achieved using the MC75A’s GPS capability connected to a BING mapping application and, with a realtime view of vehicle resources, the team can better respond to customer requests.

“The MRPI Supply Chain IT team, VisionID and Zebra have delivered a mobile computing platform that is enhancing fleet efficiency, cutting administration, improving customer service, and significantly reducing costs. And with the service and support contract provided by VisionID we have a clear view of the cost of our device estate over its life cycle. Colleagues elsewhere in our business in Great Britain are evaluating the technology which underlines the significant degree of satisfaction that we have in the platform.” said Stephen Bennett, Supply Chain Systems Manager of Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland.

About Musgrave

Musgrave Retail Partners provides services to entrepreneurial retailers in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Spain, including grocery distribution and advanced systems for sales, marketing, IT, finance and logistics. It runs over 3,300 stores under retail brands that include household names SuperValu and Centra. In 2009 Musgrave was named one of Ireland’s best-run companies in the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards.

As part of its ‘Better Business Project’ – a major investment to improve key areas of its business – Musgraves deployed a mobile computing platform to advance logistics operations. It asked VisionID, specialists in data capture technology, to help prepare and support a core component of the system – the handheld computers used by the logistics team and delivery drivers. Musgrave selected Zebra MC75A Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDAs) and VisionID supported the implementation and deployment of the system throughout the Island of Ireland.

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SureTraceID is easy to integrate and to use. In short it just works! Due to the automated reports, we were able to demonstrate to employees, or even HSE reps that we had an adequate and reliable contact tracing system in place. The solution does what it needs to, and contributes to the prevention of transmission in the work place. — Neville McIlwrath

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VisionID’s remote training session was well organised, and delivered with the highest level of professionalism. All of our questions were answered, and the follow up to the training was excellent. Looking forward to future training events.”- Michael, Sanofi


“VisionID helped us significantly improve our warehouse operations by enabling us to capture data and feed it into our ERP in real-time. After a consultation and Wireless Site Survey, VisionID implemented a secure wireless network for real-time data capture using Extreme Wireless infrastructure and Zebra MC9200 mobile computers. We now have improved inventory control and increased productivity within our warehouse.” – Stella Glavin, IT Manager

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