What our clients have to say

“We are delighted to have chosen VisionID and CORE Integrated Business Solutions to support our agri operations moving forward” - Catherine McGovern, IT Manager in Dairygold


“What this emulation means is that Woodies and VisionID have bridged the gap between the old technology and the new. We have the hardware in place now, meaning we can take our time in terms of evaluating new software functionality. It future proofs us." - Gavin Lambkin, IT Director for Woodies Ireland 

Woodies Ireland

“The MRPI Supply Chain IT team, VisionID and Zebra have delivered a mobile computing platform that is enhancing fleet efficiency, cutting administration, improving customer service, and significantly reducing costs. And with the service and support contract provided by VisionID we have a clear view of the cost of our device estate over its life cycle. Colleagues elsewhere in our business in Great Britain are evaluating the technology which underlines the significant degree of satisfaction that we have in the platform. “ - Stephen Bennett, Supply Chain Systems Manager, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland

Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland

“VisionID provided us with an in-store enterprise mobility solution, which equipped our staff with rugged handheld devices. From using these devices we have improved many of our internal processes, from warehouse operations to customer deliveries they always go above and beyond to help. Great customer service." - Dariusz Tokarski, IT Manager in D.I.D. Electrical 

D.I.D. Electrical

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