Features Include

  • Automatic channel and power optimization
  • High reliability
  • Gap-free security
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Device and network acceleration
  • Full 802.11n performance with standard 802.3af
  • Multiband operation
  • Application support
  • Load balancing, pre-emptive roaming and rate scaling

The Zebra AP621 has been discontinued. However, there is no direct replacement available.  Please contact us for a suitable alternative.

More Information

The Zebra AP621 is a thin (dependent) multipurpose access point designed to lower the cost of deploying and operating a secure, reliable 802.11n wireless LAN (WLAN) in branch offices or headquarters facilities. The access point features a MIMO radio, superior receive and transmit sensitivity, and a GigE WAN uplink port. The AP 621 is easily managed remotely by a Zebra RFS 7000 or other wireless controller that discovers access points on the network and automatically downloads all configuration parameters and firmware, greatly Reducing installation, maintenance and troubleshooting costs. The embedded WiNG 5 distributed intelligence ensures that traffic is locally forwarded along the most efficient paths without sacrificing quality of service and security implemented at the access point itself.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
AP-0621-60010-WR Motorola AP621 wireless access point AP-0621-60010-WR
AP-0621-60020-WR Motorola AP621 wireless access point AP-0621-60020-WR
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description

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