AP 8432


Eight times the capacity of previous Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology, the new AP 8432 is a true 802.11ac Wave 2 solution that simultaneously supports multi-user MIMO client devices— a must for high-density environments.

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A powerhouse of value, the AP 8432 comes with ports for plug-and-play deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and Triple Sensor technology to tighten security, engage customers and optimise network performance.

Experience the amazing speed and capacity of the AP 8432. This true 802.11AC Wave 2 solution not only expands your bandwidth, but also your capabilities. Use its integrated port to quickly add IoT devices and rely on its embedded Triple Sensor technology to personalize shopping, safeguard your network and optimize its performance.

Fortified Security

The AP 8432’s integrates full-time sensors dedicated to identifying existing and new security threat vectors, such as those from Bluetooth® 2.0 protocols. As full-time sensors, they can detect rogue devices faster and then leverage the deep signature database of AirDefense to proactively shield your network.

Meaningful Customer Engagement

Bluetooth (BLE) technology creates an opportunity to engage shoppers and guests through their smartphones. The AP 8432’s BLE sensor supports Apple iBeacon™ and Google Eddystone™ to directly communicate contextual offers, advertise information and encourage usage of captive portals.

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