9160 G2


Using Digital Narrowband technology, the 9160 G2 Wireless Gateway provides a robust and secure wireless connection for simple data applications.

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Compatibility with the Omnii XT15 and VH10 mobile computers provides a fully-rugged solution ready for the toughest environmental conditions.

Easy, cost-effective wireless coverage in every inch of your facility

Narrowband is ideal for your largest, most expansive areas, minimizing infrastructure requirements and cost while delivering a solid dependable connection in challenging RF environments.

Regardless of the types of materials or volume of traffic in the 2.4 GHz band present in your environment, they will not degrade the signal.

Flexible backhaul options

The 9160 G2 offers wired and wireless options to connect to your network. You can connect the 9160 G2 to your network with a single Ethernet cable — with support for Power-over-Ethernet, there is no need to run power.

The optional Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g radio provides a wireless connection to your network, addressing areas where running a cable is too challenging or expensive.

And the wide variety of indoor and outdoor 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz directional and sector panel antennas ensure a robust wireless connection back to your enterprise network.

A total solution

In addition to the 9160 G2, you’ll need devices that can run on the Narrowband network.

That’s why our Omnii XT15 handheld and VH10 vehicle mount mobile computers offer Narrowband radio options.

These rugged devices are ready for the toughest environmental conditions. And whether workers are on foot or driving a forklift or other material handling vehicle, this device option is perfect for the job.

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