NX 5500E


Advanced WLAN Services and Single Point of Control for WiNG Express Users

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If you have a small to mid-sized business, you share many of the same wireless networking needs as a large business. Your workers need the same high- performance enterprise-class wireless LAN (WLAN) connectivity — a WLAN that offers around-the-clock dependability, self healing, the wired-style speeds required to maximize efficiency and rock solid security. And just like the large business, you need tools to monitor, manage and troubleshoot the WLAN and all its connected devices. But ‘big business’ WLAN functionality comes at a high price — an IT department with the expertise required to manage the complex features and functionality of an enterprise-class WLAN... until today. The NX 5500E WiNG Express Manager makes cost-effective high-performance wireless networking a reality for your small to mid-sized operation. Now, you can give your workers the wireless voice and data connectivity they need to maximize productivity and deliver best-in-class service to each and every customer. The result? Real competitive advantage.


With WiNG Express, you don’t need to understand advanced configuration options to get your network up and running. Easy site setup and intuitive auto-provisioning policy allow easy multi-site deployments. Just power up your access points to automatically discover and provision them with the predefined configurations. Your enterprise-class WLAN is ready to go in minutes.


WiNG Express lets you start small and grow big. Whether you start with one or one hundred access points, as your business grows and your workforce and application requirements expand, WiNG Express can grow right along with you. The flexible architecture allows you to easily expand your network to support more users and more applications in one office — or multiple sites. If your business requires more than 25 Express access points in one or more locations or the management of heterogeneous access points, no problem — just add NX 5500E WiNG Express Manager to easily manage up to 512 Express access points in all of your sites.


WiNG Express presents volumes of information about all of your access points and their radios, all of your WLANs and all of the mobile devices connected to your WLANs in easy to understand screens that make it easy to monitor and manage every aspect of your enterprise-class wireless network.

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