The VC6096 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available. Please contact us for a suitable alternative.

The Zebra VC6096 is an In-Vehicle/Fixed-Mount mobile Computer that offers complete solutions for logistic providers and transport applications. It effectively helps to enhance customer service, reduce costs incurred, improve vehicle utilization and safety levels, and maximize driver productivity. It has been designed keeping in mind Truck Load, Less Than Truck Load and Over the Road operations offering wireless voice and data capabilities despite tough road conditions and yet delivers flawless results. It offers GPS and Telematics support, Bluetooth, wireless LAN and Wireless WAN. All of them help to bring the highest level of operational efficiency into businesses.

Since the VC9606 has been explicitly built for use on the road, it comes with features like an IP64 sealing that protect the device from penetration of dust and moisture, including liberal liquid spills. Added protection comes of industrial and military grade specifications against vibration, solar radiation, shock and jerks attributed to vehicle movement. Thus the vehicle on the move has no impact on the working of the VC9606 and keeps its uptime high.

The VC9606 comes with multiple hardware options and users can select peripherals and applications to suit the specific requirements of their business. It is best equipped for fleet management in the most comprehensible manner. It collects data of all involved parameters like driver performance, location, mileage and hours of service, and use it for all types of applications. Users can decide where and how to store and use data and yet retain all rights on it. The integrated Bluetooth feature helps to attach as many peripherals as required for an application.


Part No. Category Sub Category Description
KT-VC6096-DEV Motorola VC6096 vehicle mount terminal KT-VC6096-DEV
VC6000-MA0SKQQ000R Motorola VC6096 vehicle mount terminal VC6000-MA0SKQQ000R
VC6096-MACSKQRT1WR Motorola VC6096 vehicle mount terminal VC6096-MACSKQRT1WR
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
3087568V83 Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Chargers/Cables Motorola 3087568V83 handheld vehicle charger cable
3087568V84 Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Chargers/Cables Motorola 3087568V84 handheld vehicle charger cable
3089906V60 Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Chargers/Cables Motorola 3089906V60 handheld vehicle charger cable
3089906V61 Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Chargers/Cables Motorola 3089906V61 handheld vehicle charger cable
8508851K59 Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Antenna Motorola 8508851K59 handheld vehicle antenna
FLN4048A Wireless Accessories Wireless Antenna Motorola FLN4048A wireless antenna
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
OPT-PRE9FSTRK-30 Pre-9am Delivery Option for Fastrack-3 years. Can be purchased only with a Fastrack Maintenance offering. Available in the UK only. Certain postcodes are not included, please check with Zebra in advance of purchase.

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