The VC5090 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available. Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The Symbol Technologies VC5090 is a vehicle/fixed mount mobile computer meant for data collection and real time access in the toughest working environments like factories, warehouses, loading docks and freezers. It can be used by workers on a forklift, moving through aisles or standing at one point, and enables them to take decisions at that point, reduce errors and increase their productivity. They can use it for picking, shipping, tracking and receiving goods, and eases their decision making process and streamlining operations on the shop floor, in warehouses and the loading docks. All this manifests itself in an improved bottom line, that is, cost reductions.

The VC5090 is extremely rugged since it is meant for the most harsh environments. It is equipped with military and industrial grade specifications for shock, temperature, sealing and vibrations, and has the highest level of durability. Thus it continues to deliver results in sub zero temperatures and in desert type heat environments, with constant pounding and forklift vibrations. Year after year its performance is maintained and businesses rate it as a reliable and dependable partner in business.

The VC5090 comes with the capability to deliver results fro next generation applications as well. It supports all applications requiring special browser facilities and customized Window CE Mobile features. Terminal emulation applications are also effectively handled by the VC5090. Its seamless connectivity is successfully applied to streamline supply chain operations. It can access any wireless LAN through 802.11a/b/g, wireless scanning, Printing with the help of Bluetooth, voice-picking support, Voice over Internet Protocol through a push-to-talk handset. It also comes with the capability to be integrated for future use into Symbol forklift and vehicle mounted RFID reader solutions.


Part No. Category Sub Category Description
VC5090-MA0QM0GH67R Motorola VC5090 vehicle mount terminal VC5090-MA0QM0GH67R
VC5090-MA0QM0GH7WR Motorola VC5090 vehicle mount terminal VC5090-MA0QM0GH7WR
VC5090-MA0QM0GH8WR Motorola VC5090 vehicle mount terminal VC5090-MA0QM0GH8WR
VC5090-MA0TMQGH66R Motorola VC5090 vehicle mount terminal VC5090-MA0TMQGH66R
VC5090-MA0TMQGH6WR Motorola VC5090 vehicle mount terminal VC5090-MA0TMQGH6WR
VC5090-MA0TMQGH7WR Motorola VC5090 vehicle mount terminal VC5090-MA0TMQGH7WR
VC5090-MA0TMQGH8WR Motorola VC5090 vehicle mount terminal VC5090-MA0TMQGH8WR
VC5090-MA0TMYGH7WR Motorola VC5090 vehicle mount terminal VC5090-MA0TMYGH7WR
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
25-119756-01R Cables Other Cables Motorola 25-119756-01R handheld other cable
25-71914-01R Cables RS232 Cables Motorola 25-71914-01R handheld rs232 cable
25-71915-01R Cables USB Cables Motorola 25-71915-01R handheld usb cable
25-71919-03R Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Chargers/Cables Motorola 25-71919-03R handheld vehicle charger cable
25-71919-04R Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Chargers/Cables Motorola 25-71919-04R handheld vehicle charger cable
90500116-R Vehicle Accessories Vehicle Mounts/Cradles Motorola 90500116-R handheld vehicle mount cradle
KT-141972-01R Handheld Accessories Holsters/Cases/Straps Motorola KT-141972-01R handheld holster case strap lanyard
VC5090KYBD-02R Handheld Accessories Miscellaneous Motorola VC5090KYBD-02R handheld accessory
VC5090KYBD-03R Handheld Accessories Miscellaneous Motorola VC5090KYBD-03R handheld accessory
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
E-SSB-VC509X-30 Motorola E-SSB-VC509X-30 handheld service
OPT-PRE9FSTRK-30 Pre-9am Delivery Option for Fastrack-3 years. Can be purchased only with a Fastrack Maintenance offering. Available in the UK only. Certain postcodes are not included, please check with Zebra in advance of purchase.
SCB-VC509X-10 Symbol SCB-VC509X-10 Handheld Service
SCB-VC509X-20 Motorola SCB-VC509X-20 handheld service
SCB-VC509X-30 Motorola SCB-VC509X-30 handheld service
SCG-VC509X-10 Symbol SCG-VC509X-10 Handheld Service

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