Features Include

  • Durable and long lasting with a steel chassis
  • Comes with zero bezel APR touch technology
  • Optional computer modules available with latest processors
  • Edge to edge glass design provides crystal clear imagery
  • VESA mounting option
  • Analog VGA and HDCP capable HDMI 1.3 video
  • Two speakers of 10W
  • Dust and liquid resistant
  • Display and power functions can be locked
  • Sensitive to touch on every part of the display screen.

The ELO 4600L brings the ultimate touch technology to users in a unique innovative design that stands out in terms of elegance and efficiency. Besides a large format display panel, it offers all the available touch technologies in its seamless zero bezel design. Thus it responds to touch with cards, finger nails, stylus and gloved hands as well. High light transmission and superb imagery can be attributed to its pure glass construction. Its clarity is unaffected by the surrounding lighting. Its durability is enhanced by the steel chassis which also makes it perfect for commercial applications in public areas.

The 4600L has a 46 inch touch display, and comes with optional additional computer modules that can be fitted behind the screen and screwed in place. Its functions can be locked so as to avoid tampering in high public traffic areas.

Part No. Category Sub Category Description
E508680 ELO 4600L industrial touch screen E508680
E960985 ELO 4600L industrial touch screen E960985
Part No. Category Sub Category Description
Part No. Category Sub Category Description

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